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4:10 PM Wed, Dec. 12th

Shedding light on standard time (Letter)

Mr. McMurdo's screed (Miner, Jan. 14) regarding the traffic safety problems at La Senita School is well-founded. Driving on Gordon once a week, and properly slowing for the school zone, it is disconcerting to have drivers, in their angst and impatience to speed up, following so closely behind they are kissing my rear bumper. But, as I said before, if they don't like going the speed limit they have options: they may turn off, stop somewhere, or they may pass me (over the double yellow line). Otherwise, they may continue to kiss my rear.

However, his paragraph regarding the state administration's refusal to adopt daylight-saving time so Arizona won't lose its "rebel" or "maverick" reputation is unfounded and misleading. Adopting DST would have no effect whatever on the amount of sunlight available at 7 a.m. Mountain Standard Time.

Daylight-saving time is from early spring until late autumn (remember the old saying, "spring forward, fall back"?), thus having zero effect on the time of sunlight here in Mountain time zone Arizona in the dark of winter. Daylight-saving actually advances time during sunnier months to take advantage of earlier sunrises and later sunsets.

What Mr. McMurdo is essentially but unknowingly asking for is not DST, but to have Arizona abandon the Mountain time zone and join the Pacific time zone. Then the sunlight at 7 a.m. would be what is currently found here at 8 a.m., regardless of standard time or daylight-saving time.

D.B. Mitchell

Valle Vista