The mysteries of Kingman recycling (Letter)

Last week I was parked in Bashas' parking lot waiting for my wife. In drove a Kingman garbage truck and it drove alongside the recycle bins in the parking lot. The truck then proceeded to empty all of the recycle bins into the truck, much to my amazement.

Why do people need to separate their items if it all goes into the same truck? Where does the truck go with all of the recycled items ... the landfill? Considering all of the recycle bins located all over town, this issue needs to be explained to the people who take the time to diligently separate their trash.

If the items are actually being recycled, where are the companies that process used glass, cardboard, metal cans and newspapers? Are any of the moneys collected returned to Kingman and at what amount?

Observing one trash truck brought out a lot of questions about this recycle program.

Lee Anderson