Letter: Compassionate cowboy with a broken heart

A Southwest cowboy and his saddle's job is to challenge the weather on cattle drives and to bring in the mustangs and mavericks. The cowboy depends on his saddle to rope from his horse. You will see this cowboy at special events such as rodeos, where he will please the crowds with his death-defying bull and bronc riding.

This saddle of the cowboy will serve him well in the many roping skills of the cowboy as he makes it into the money of the contests. His saddle will allow the cowboy to perform enjoyable riding tricks and entraining rope skill from the cowboy's horse.

This will all be done from day to day and from years end and into another. You will notice that this cowboy never leaves his saddle behind. It is his constant companion.

For 26 years this cowboy and his saddle have been in Texas, California, Nevada, Idaho and Arizona. He has an impressive three-time bull-riding championship and in bronc riding. All glory to God, he claims. His greatest reward is when his saddle carries the special needs people. He is passionate in working with the Special Needs Theory programs.

This cowboy's heart is broken today because his plain chocolate slick saddle is missing. The brand of 4x4 will be on it forever, but sadly, unless the saddle is returned to the cowboy, he won't. We need help in finding it.

Jeanette Reimer