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5:49 PM Tue, Oct. 23rd

Letter: Social media is out of hand

A couple of weeks ago I heard on the news that some company over a period of time noticed that productivity was down. They couldn't figure out why. So they started doing some checking and found out that a lot of the employees were on social media. I thought to myself, how stupid. These idiots were putting their job on the line. I guess these people forgot that their jobs put food on the table, pay bills, etc.

I am not into this social media junk. I want no part of it. I have plenty of friends. If I want or need to talk to them I use the phone. As far as I am concerned this social media has gotten way out of hand. I see people in restaurants texting instead of talking to the people they are with.

A while back my son and his fiancée were here. We all went out to eat. It wasn't long he started messing with his cell phone. I finally told him to put that thing away, that we don't see him that much. He put it away. I think it is a habit that so many people get in to. There is a lot more in life than social media.

Ronney L. Case

Golden Valley