Letter: Trump is fearmongering

If you had a life-threatening illness and needed major surgery, would you allow someone just learning to become a doctor perform that surgery? Or, would it be in your best interest to find the most knowledgeable, the most experienced, and the most well-known, trusted, and recommended surgeon you could find? Of course, any logical person would choose the later.

So why, in the name of any logic, would people choose Donald Trump, an inexperienced person just learning to become a politician, to perform the complex operations of an entire country, as well as the rest of the world?

Donald Trump has painted quite a dismal portrait of America. To envision the America he described in his acceptance speech, you would think that we are living in a war-torn country such as Syria. And, according to Trump, only he alone can rid our country of lawlessness, terrorism, bigotry, and a whole list of other maladies our country is supposedly experiencing, despite having risen to the top by insulting and mocking people, name-calling, lying, dismissing the importance of our allies, is willing to use nuclear weapons and commit war crimes such as waterboarding, and wanting to punish women for having legal abortions -all the things he claims he'll save you from, he's guilty of.

This is fear-mongering. Trump tries to make everyone believe they are in dire and immediate danger and that only he can save and protect them. Unfortunately, there are too many who believe that what he says is true. But, look out your window, folks. What do you see? Armed gangs roaming the streets? Bombs blasting away? Of course not. But Donald Trump wants you to believe that, without him as our next president, this is what our country will become, and our current way of life will cease to be.

I feel sad that people are this paranoid that they would believe such rubbish. America has always been a paradise when compared to some other countries, and it will remain as such. But this could all change if Donald Trump becomes our next president.

Lori Gabriel-Dane