Letter: Business and government hurt wages

So this is how it will be? Business and industry and their peak of power. Those elected to positions in Washington and state capitals are all bought and paid for doing the bidding for all but we the people.

You wonder why the economy and job growth is so anemic? Business and industry with their lobbyists handing out millions of dollars every year to keep those borders open, to ensure that legal immigration is kept high and pushed higher. Currently the U.S. allows over one million legal immigrants to come here and compete for our jobs every year along with hundreds of thousands who ignore our laws and illegally continue to break in.

Imagine, if you will, immigration laws being enforced by employers at the threat of hefty fines and or jail time, having to verify and hire only those with true legal status.

Imagine schools uncrowded and emergency rooms providing timely service, and entitlements going to those citizens who need it most. Let's not kid ourselves: government was never the answer. It has always been the problem. And this poor economy and lack of good paying jobs for all is a government-created nightmare.

We don't need more immigrants competing and driving down wages. Wages will only go up when the supply of workers goes down.

But that isn't what business and industry has been paying for. They don't care if you make poverty wages. Business and industry only care about their profits.

William Ressegue