Older Than Dirt: The Real Seniors of Kingman

To say these last couple weeks were hot would be a bit of an understatement. I found myself walking to Walmart around six in the morning. Those days I was planning to bring home popsicles or ice cream, I knew I had only a small window before it would be too hot to get the items home without melting. That would be me as well as the frozen stuff, melting.

Staying around the house more, especially on the weekends, I find myself looking for something good to watch on television. Weekend television isn't the greatest, unless of course you are a sports nut. I could not help but notice while I surfed through the channels, there was plenty of sports to watch. There is also plenty of old movies and of course REALITY shows.

I think that I should have a reality show. There is of course the MY BIG FAT FABULOUS LIFE show. The one where the girl does exercises and tells you how fit she is. If that doesn't work for you, they offer you SISTER WIVES, and let us not forget the DUCK family and also the AMISH. The KARDASHIANS make a whole lot of money, as do the folks with a gaggle of babies, all the same age.

I know there must be something I could do to get famous and make lots of money. Shows like Survivor and Big Brother have both survived for many, many seasons. People are watching this stuff. Not just my sister, but other people that I know. I did admit to sneaking a peek now and then at the Chrisleys, but they are the closest thing to reality that television offers. Sure, they are rich, but they seem to have a lot of REAL problems with their kids.

We have HOUSEWIVES shows from at least three cities now. This must be reality because they are all rich, beautiful, and spend most of their time at the spa, a party or getting ready for a party. I am sure that is somebody's reality, but I am waiting for the HOUSEWIVES OF BEND, OREGON. You think that one is in the works?

If your teenager girls are not mean enough, just put them in front of MEAN GIRLS. They can surely pick up some good pointers from that show.

It seems that we are in a generation of people who want to get inside other people's lives on a daily or weekly basis. I personally am not really interested in what they do in their homes. Does that make me the odd one? I don't care if the Duck people have a wedding in their family. I don't care if six wives are sleeping with the same husband, and I most certainly do not care if Bruce Jenner is a man wanting to be a woman, a woman wanting to be a man, or both. None of my business, actually. Will not affect me one bit.

I noticed that it was around the time that the daytime soaps started to disappear, that the evening reality shows really took hold. I wonder if this younger generation prefers the so-called "reality" to the make believe daytime drama? Let's face it: With all the social media available, even the famous have nowhere to hide. Young people don't have enough drama going on in their own lives. Right!

Back to the subject at hand. What do you suppose qualifies a person or family to have a reality show? Is it too late for me? Would I need to be much heavier, or shorter to be considered? Is anyone interested in a reality show that is real and does not have drama on a daily basis? We could call it the REAL SENIORS OF KINGMAN. Now that has a nice ring to it. The cameras could follow us around to our doctor appointments, walks to Walmart, and join in all the celebration lunches at Golden Corral. It may not have a whole lot of drama, but at least it would be REAL.