When commenting, check your authority (Letter)

Editorial comments in the Miner reflect moods of writers, signs of times, opinions of contributors and much more. Free expression may reflect an agenda, pose or seek to answer a question, add to an "established" belief, or present what the writer holds to be a fresh insight into any issue.

We all have freedom of expression, but no individual opinion carries a mandate that it be "believed." Our individual basis of authority determines what we believe and what we do with that belief. When any question arises, we appeal to our inner basis of authority in determining the position we choose to express and defend.

We often attempt to identify the basis of authority to which others appeal. We create labels, "liberal," "conservative" - the list is endless. All suppositions are based upon our basis of authority because we really don't know the source or depth of any position held by others. This fact of human reasoning becomes increasingly relevant during an election year.

I challenge all to question their own basis of authority and not snipe at what others believe. Ask yourself some searching questions and do not settle for superficial answers. Does your basis of authority - that inner guide that supports your attitude and actions - stand certain tests? Is it supported by history? Do archaeological exploration and artifacts support your position? Can you rely on current media coverage to support your position?

Don't "spin" your answers, be honest with yourself.

My basis of authority is the Bible. Not only does it meet all requirements listed above, it also gives me peace and joy. I am not always happy, because happiness is transitory - dependent upon circumstances and situations which are in a constant state of change. My joy comes from inner confidence in the author of eternity - Jesus Christ. My eternal home is Heaven, bought with the blood of Jesus, and my joy is complete.