Don't be fooled by Trump (Letter)

Trump doesn't care about this country or making America great again. His only goal is the crown jewel for his hat - the presidency of the United States. He is using your fear of others and our struggling economy of the do-nothing Congress to stoke your anger. He is using his newfound Christianity - following none of Christ's teachings - to prey on your religious fears.

He is not going to build a wall that will upset his import of cheap clothing from Mexico. He is not going to negotiate tough trade deals with China or any other country because he relies on the slave labor in these markets for his products - including those trashy hats thrown at his rallies. He has absolutely no idea of what healthcare means to working or poor people - and no plan for replacing Obamacare - because his health care costs 0.5 percent of his income while yours is 12 percent. Before the ACA, costs were rising by nearly 35 percent, pre-existing conditions could doom your family and lifetime limits could put you into bankruptcy. Increases in the past six years have been the lowest in decades and health care bills won't destroy you.

He is not the great business man he says he is. Trump Airlines - bankrupt and broken apart to pay its creditors. Trump Mortgage - after one and a half years, failed and ceased operations. Trump University - accused of defrauding students by the New York attorney general; incurred $40 million in damages. Real estate? Four properties failed for over-leveraging, profiting by tax write-offs and screwing the creditors. A true failure in business throughout his lifetime.

Do not be fooled by this narcissistic charlatan.

Danny Baker