Separation? What separation? (Letter)

The letter by Linda Varon about not having prayer seems to have two points ["A time for prayer," Feb. 28, Page 6].

She states "It [prayer] does not belong in city, state or other government buildings or offices." With all of the wacky decisions from our City Council, to all of the mess in Washington, D.C., this country needs all the prayers it can get before, during and after meetings.

Secondly, she states the Constitution calls for "separation of church and state."

Really? Where exactly is the phrase "separation of church and state" at in the Constitution? It ain't there, Linda.

It is one of those lies that has become fact to uninformed people who repeat it. When a person has to lie to try to make a point that same argument loses all validity.

Next time you write an editorial, try being honest.

John Anastasoff