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8:30 AM Thu, Dec. 13th

Stiffer penalties for bad drivers (Letter)

A few days ago when I was listening to the news, they mentioned something about texting and driving. They mentioned that Arizona doesn't have a law on that. I think there should be a law on that. I don't know why Arizona is so against passing a law on texting and driving. It wouldn't do any good if they had a law on that. People would do it anyway.

Anymore, a lot of people don't obey some of the laws we have. A lot of people don't obey speed limits. If you drive the speed limit, you almost get run over. A lot of people have something against stop signs. I see it every day. People just blow through stop signs.

I am sick and tired of my car insurance rates going up every year, and I haven't had any tickets or accidents. Maybe if the fines were stiffer people would obey traffic laws more.

Ronney L. Case

Golden Valley