Josh and Chase help make sports reporting worthwhile

I received one of "those" reminders last week. One in which I rediscover that my choice to leave corporate accounting years ago and get into sports writing was the right one for me.

Sometimes this line of work just doesn't seem like a job. There are aspects of what I'm doing that make it a job, but for the most part I'm trying to assuage guilt. This self-reproach stems from having too much fun and then wondering if I'm really making a difference in the lives of others.

Last Friday, Kevin White brought his two wonderful sons, Josh and Chase, into my office to talk about the exciting week they were going to have (and are now having) in Medellin, Colombia, competing for world recognition in BMX racing.

It was the second time I sat down with the boys to talk about their craft. Chase is now 11, and I was impressed with how he expressed himself. He proved to be studious and conveyed to me the degree of seriousness he and his brother were giving to their sport.

Josh showed that he could restrain himself at age 9. His emotions bubbled to the surface when I asked him to talk about his broken wrist that is keeping him from racing this week. Josh had the opportunity to show he was No. 1 in the WORLD, but that slipped away when he wrecked in practice earlier this month.

And I so related to him. By all means, my broken heart at age 9 isn't on the same plane as Josh's, but the Mets did lose to the A's in the World Series that year.

When we finished the interview the boys left with their dad, and I was wanting more. I wanted to see their journey through a world championship. And I knew I couldn't persuade the powers that be here at the Miner to help me.

The White family has been tremendously gracious toward me since the story on the boys was published Sunday. They've been kind enough to go out of their way to show their appreciation even though they've been pressed with an international trip on their agenda.

What makes it even more amazing to me is that if they were of the ilk, they would legitimately have a bone to pick with me. What Josh and Chase are doing is stupendous and the brothers should be getting more exposure from me at the Miner.

Yet, they were gracious and kind.

Makes me want to leave debits and credits to other people.