Too much government that pushes too hard (Letter)

After reading the Sunday opinion page, what do you think? I think way too much government in our lives!

The federal government threatens our local school district that they will withhold millions of federal dollars if they don't abide by the transgender bathroom rules that Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch say helps transgenders have equality and justice.

First of all, where do these so-called federal dollars come from? All the states and general population taxes, right? What if all the states said "OK, then we won't pay the federal government any more tax dollars and keep our millions to support our own schools"?

You know, if the feds push enough states hard on this, something like this could happen!

And, you know, it is all so silly, as the construction industry has for years had transgender bathrooms. They are called chemical toilets, and all genders use them daily. I say line them up at the school yard and be done with it!

Ron Berghofer