Hadley gets nod from NRA group

KINGMAN - Kingman resident Stacy Hadley was recently honored by the Friends of the NRA after being selected to be the Volunteer of the Week.

Hadley has only been a volunteer for the Friends of the NRA for just over a year, but she has done a lot of fundraising and promotions for the group.

According to NRA Field Representative Winston Pendleton, "When Stacy took over the Mohave County event, she did so with only 30 days left until the event. In that time she managed to fill the venue, gain numerous donations, and had a majority of the standard packages underwritten. Through her vast connections, Stacy was able to reach folks in the community that had never heard of the Friends of NRA and bring them to the event."

Six months after the Kingman banquet, Hadley agreed to be the chairman of the London Bridge event in Lake Havasu City,

Hadley was responsible for finding volunteers and supporters of that event and spent hundreds of hours of her own time to ensure that both events were successful.

According to the Friends of the NRA, Hadley sold 260 banquet tickets, bringing in $16,000, sold a sponsorship for $1,250, raised $1,500 in pre- and post-event raffles, arranged underwriting for 50 items totaling $4,000 and acquired multiple donations amounting to over $5,000.

Pendleton stated, "Stacy truly embodies what volunteerism is, and is leaving a legacy not only for her children, but for all children to enjoy the future of shooting sports and Second Amendment rights."

Just last week, Hadley chaired the latest Kingman event, which was very successful.