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8:36 PM Tue, Oct. 23rd

Trump tops 50 percent in poll

Trump Hits Fifty Percent

The latest Rasmussen poll shows Trump hitting over 50 percent. This is big news indeed for it's the first time it has happened.

Late polling towards the end of a campaign always becomes clearer as pollsters want to go out getting it right for their own reputations.

The difference in the Rasmussen information is that 88 percent of those polled say they are now certain how they will vote and among these voters, Trump has 53 percent over Clinton's 43 percent. A 10-point lead, way over the sampling. Undecideds is 36 percent for Trump and 36 percent for Clinton.

Even if many undecideds decide to stay home and not vote at all since both candidates have unfavorable ratings, there's not a chance Clinton could make up the 10 point spread. Trump would win and win big.

With five investigations on Hillary's back (all brought on by herself and Bill), it is said behind the scenes she is on the verge of collapsing. The FBI is in complete disarray over Comey's not recommending prosecuting Clinton in the summer; I saw Obama doing the unthinkable, campaigning today for Hillary while putting his own FBI down.

Loretta Lynch, Obama's Department of Justice lackey is doing everything in her power to fight FBI leader Comey's decision to re-open the Clinton investigation. Behind the scenes, insiders say she and Obama are furious. A Trump win will not bode well for Obama's legacy, a legacy so flawed it is only good in Obama's own mind.

The collusion behind the scenes between the White House, DOJ, originally the FBI head and mainstream media is like nothing we have ever witnessed in the U S before.

I am ready to see the swamp drained, heads rolled and many others carted off to prison.

And Trump has now gone over 50 percent in a poll. It may just happen. In fact, it probably will happen.