God's Divine Intervention in Trump Victory

Donald Trump speaks at the Trump for President Rally in the Prescott Valley Arizona Event Center October 4, 2016.

Photo by Les Stukenberg/Special to the Miner

Donald Trump speaks at the Trump for President Rally in the Prescott Valley Arizona Event Center October 4, 2016.

Election Eve, Nov 8, 2016. The Hillary camp seemed giddy with expectation. Even fireworks over the Hudson had been planned for their great upcoming victory - but for some odd reason, they had a last minute decision to cancel them. Nevertheless, the champagne was flowing, a sign it was a given Hillary and friends - including the mainstream media that had done all they could to knock Donald Trump out - had this one in the bag.

Networks reported the Trump camp as “quiet” and “somber” while the Hillary camp was almost giddy.

First East Coast polls confirmed their belief in a Hillary win; leading in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio. It looked like a short night ahead with no signs of a change the first few hours.

But at that time, not only in America but around the world, something was happening. Beginning in Jerusalem, Christians from everywhere had gathered in Israel to pray and fast for America's fate.

Their prayer? That a just God would deliver His most Christian nation. They had named it even - the Jerusalem Global Gathering.

At the same time they fasted and prayed in the Holy Land, prayers were started in front of the United States Capitol led by JoAnn and Dan Cummins. In Texas, the Daystar channel used modern technology to broadcast election prayers with David Barton (Wallbuilders) and former representative and deeply devout Christian, Michele Bachmann, R/MN, who invited viewers to join the prayers. Daystar reaches some 400 million viewers.

As they prayed in unison, they could track the very minute their prayers began to be answered as the winds of change caused the race to break in Trump’s favor. And it stayed in Trump's favor, for while it appears Hillary may have won the popular vote, they prayed specifically for county and city districts and it was where the people voted that made the difference – in key swing states that gave him the push for the important Electoral College.

Over 80 percent of white evangelicals turned out to vote, their largest turnout in history. Trump also got the Catholic vote that twice went for Obama. And while blacks and Hispanic evangelicals supported Clinton, it was not nearly as many as supported President Obama.

This election, indeed, had the divine intervention of a God just waiting for His people to repent and pray. “The fervent, effectual prayers of the righteous availeth much.” This is no surprise to those who study our Founding, for it was on their knees to the God of Christianity that our faithful Founders consistently turned for wisdom and knowledge as to how to put our Republic together and who to put in charge. As it turned out, our first president, George Washington was one of the most devout Christians, often seen kneeling in the snow in quiet prayer at Valley Forge when all appeared lost for his men. He got the miracle he desperately needed to turn it around.

It’s no time to slack off - now is the time to pray for President-elect Donald Trump to put the right people in the right places, including on the Supreme Court and especially those who will be dealing with our foreign policy, which has been a complete shipwreck under Obama and Hillary as secretary of State.

My prayer – perhaps Donald Trump will see fit to put two of God's most devout Christian women, as strong as any I have ever seen in spite of unbelievable odds against them, Michele Bachmann and ex-governor Sarah Palin in jobs befitting their skills. Palin in Energy, perhaps, a great passion of hers. And God bless Israel, from whence we come and who will now finally have a U.S. presidential friend.