For sore losers, a long four years begins in January

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Concerning President-elect Donald Trump's huge win against all odds, I am hearing the sore losers bring up that Hillary won the popular vote.

Please remind them, she got votes in states she never even visited such as California. In states she DID visit, she lost to Trump.

And then remind them of all the dead people that voted on the left, the fraudulent votes on the left, those who only voted because they were tricked by Democrat "walkin' around" money, all the illegals Obama hurriedly brought over here and illegally gave the right to vote to. And those boxes of new ballots, found by an electrician, with votes for Clinton already filled in.

And last but not least, let's not forget those 60,000 Virginia felons Hillary Clinton's good friend, Gov. Terry McAuliffe granted the right to vote to at the very last minute with, yep, Obama's little trick, stroke of his pen.

The Republicans have legally now won the Senate, the House and the presidency. Don't let any liberal try to say we must all get along. We ran and won because we have great differences and now, we have the power to do something about it. Those who voted Trump and fellow Republicans in, expect their wishes to be followed through with … like smaller government, for instance, and getting rid of waste, worthless departments and strangling regulations. Prosecute those who are corrupt within the government … as Hillary Clinton has been for years.

Recognize that our Republican platform is pro-life. The Democrat party does not recognize an unborn child as a separate human, one who has rights except when a pregnant woman is shot and both die. The shooter is often charged with two counts of murder.

There is no middle ground on the pro-life issue. Elected Republicans have got to get some spine - stand up for what they were elected to do. And a reminder, as the left daily reminds us that Trump and the rest of us are racist (he and we are not!), we didn't have racism until Barack Obama became POTUS and brought it with him. Very young people think we have been racist forever. That is decidedly false. Recent racism is a creation of the left, pushed on college campuses by left wing professors. That is one swamp that really needs draining.

We are in control by the vote of the people. It is time for those voted in to take advantage of what the majority of Americans have given them.

And it has nothing to do with gender, race or sexual orientation as the left has pushed for so long. If you are white, hold your head high - do not hang it in shame like so many on the left think you should do. Whites founded this country and did a pretty good job of doing so. We don't flaunt that fact but neither should we be denigrated for being born white (whitelash) either as those at CNN are suggesting.

God bless Donald Trump's presidency and all those he picks to work with him. We Christians will be praying daily for him because … yes, we believe God founded our country and expects us to keep it as it was founded. We don't recognize the absolute filth thrown at Trump by the late night "comics?" as anything but what it has been. Garbage. Johnny Carson, who actually was hilarious, would never have lowered himself to where these sewer mouths have recently gone.

I truly believe America is going to be great again. And I am confident President-elect Trump's first act will not be to fly to foreign countries and tell them how rotten we are, it will be to dig in and work his usual 20-hour days in getting us there. Most of us will be behind him.