Steve Bannon – Hero to Inner City School Children

As the left continues on with their lies behind their hysteria over Donald Trump winning the election, it's time for a reality check. In this case, it is called “New Deal for Black America.”

For so many years, poor black youngsters along with some Hispanics and poor white children have languished in inner city schools where half of them fail to graduate and the other half leave school functionally illiterate and unable to support themselves.

Enter Steve Bannon; you know, the one called “white nationalist” from morning until night by the main scream media and protesters. Bannon, Trump's presidential campaign CEO, has put it on Donald Trump's radar to make “school choice” (vouchers) available for these children.

Democrats are fiercely opposed to vouchers because they give the parents power that will break the Democrat monopoly, undermine the teachers unions’ lock on public schools and knock out the slush fund unions provide to the Democrat Party.

The Obama and Clinton types have opposed vouchers because their own children go to the finest private schools where they get good educations. Frankly, they could care less about other people's children. Remember all those stories about how Hillary has always been for children. Hah! She's for killing them before they're born and keeping the poorest in failed inner city schools after they're born. Some care.

Republicans have proposed a voucher system but have been so weak-willed, they've never pushed through with it.

These scholarships (vouchers) would allow already-provided taxpayer tuition money to be used in a school, private or religious, where these inner city children would actually get good teaching and decent educations.

Sixteen years ago, David Horowitz proposed to top Bush advisors that they pass a $100 billion voucher program for these inner city children. The Bush admin passed on it. Congressman James Rogan drew up a similar bill that went nowhere.

But when Donald Trump, in his wisdom put in Horowitz friend Steve Miller as chief policy advisor, along with Steve Bannon, who hasn't got a mean or racist bone in his body, as CEO of the campaign; they listened, took it to heart, worked it through and it is now front and center. The proposal has to provide a tuition equivalent to what taxpayers already pay public school for, basically, not teaching their students. Someone recently remarked Bannon looks like a bum. Perhaps he has put working out details for this program above his own haircut. As his critics cry “racist,” and “white nationalist,” he is busy finding a way to help, especially black children trapped in poverty and illiteracy, to find a way out.

Working out the details, Trump put it in a Cleveland speech saying “as your president, I will become the nation's biggest cheerleader for school choice” and it is now included in their “New Deal for Black America,” along with making black neighborhoods safe and bringing jobs back to the inner city.

It's long past time to liberate the children of our inner cities. Let's start with Chicago. First, it's sanctuary city status must go and then, the children there, all too many of which are killing each other, must be given every opportunity to learn and become productive citizens. To do so will bring them pride and happiness and a willingness to be part of the solution, not the problem.

God bless Steve Bannon for being willing to step out on this; present it very seriously to President-elect Trump and God bless David Horowitz, always in there – always trying to improve on us no matter how many years it takes.