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12:14 AM Thu, Oct. 18th

If you think the truth hurts, try living a life of lies

"When you tell the truth, you don't need a good memory." One of my favorite Judy-isms. The older I get, the more I see how this works.

I have been writing my blog for about two years now. I have written about many, many different subjects. By now, those who follow my blog have a pretty good idea of who I am. Sometimes I have to look over some of my old submissions just to make sure I do not write about the same thing. It reminds me that I have never said things that were not true. Whether I am discussing family, food, dogs or whatever, I always say how I really feel, and truthful events. By now, I think it would be easy to tell if I were just making things up.

When I listen to various politicians on the news, it strikes me as odd when they "do not recall" certain things that they may have said or done. I have to wonder about this memory thing. Getting back to Judge Judy. Could these memory problems possibly be due to untruths? If I can remember even some insignificant events, at my age. Why then is it so difficult for them?

Honesty is something we are taught as children. Or at least we SHOULD be taught. I remember telling my boys on more than one occasion. "If you tell me the truth, I will go to the wall for you. If you lie to me, you are on your own." No matter whether it was lost homework or FINDING something that did not belong to them, they needed to tell the truth.

In my generation it was easier. My mother would just push my hair back from my forehead, and she would know. The reading of foreheads was passed down from my Grandma. I seem to recall hearing a story about when one of my brothers scrubbed his forehead until it was red and raw! My mother was not going to read ANY lies on his face!

Wouldn't life be simple if your nose would grow like Pinocchio when you lied? Imagine people trying to hide behind these elongated noses while they ran for public office.

I am not implying that politicians are fibbers, but they do have the occasional memory lapse! Why is it that they can never say, "I changed my mind?" Most of us try to keep an open mind and that has to include changing it, at times. Sometimes you get more information than you had in the beginning and you actually do feel differently about something. Certainly this should not make you a liar.

Pants on fire? Liar, liar pants on fire. Another good one. Imagine all the people running around with their pants on fire? If only it was that simple to weed out the fibbers. Not that I would wish anyone to have their pants on fire.

Who does not remember the old television show, “To tell the truth”? I think that is what it was called. People would try to stump the panel by pretending to be someone else. One of them actually WAS that person. The panel would ask questions, and in the end they would try to figure out which one was telling the truth. They would listen close, watch the body language and in the end make a choice. What a novel idea!

I have always tried to be honest, with the occasional fib in order to spare someone's feelings. Not only does lying often come back to bite you, but you better have a darn good memory!