Letter: Time to celebrate our New World Order saviors

We all turn out for July 4, although street polls clearly show that wide swaths of this country’s population no longer have a clue what the holiday represents (with a little nudging from pollsters like Mark Dice at Prison Planet’s site, the holiday represents the day in 1492 when Tarzan signed the Magna Carta and freed us from Ottoman rule, for example).

It’s time to proclaim a Sept. 11 holiday to celebrate our New World Order saviors.

I mean, hey, they saved us from the awful terrorists who exited an Afghan cave, flunked Cessna flying lessons, then managed to do what commercial pilots with 20 years’ experience couldn’t do, turn a large aircraft going 400 m.p.h. at a 260 degree angle and pinpoint crash it into a target.

Then our illustrious leaders rushed through in the middle of the night the Patriot Act honoring America’s Founding Fathers and those who fought for freedom. Now we have no expectation of privacy within or without our homes (actually, you never had it, but now it’s official policy).

But the most wonderful, thoughtful thing they did to all of you was to let you know, in their own Bizarro World way, what they were going to do, in those Hollywood films, which Sen. Dianne Feinstein openly acknowledged this summer are products of America’s 16 intelligence agencies.

So let’s proclaim a national holiday each Sept. 11. A holiday must have a name, so let’s call this one Asylum Day, because only in an asylum would all this be considered normal.

Here’s to the liars, the thugs, murderers, tricksters, and their entertainers and Rule of Law who have brought us here.

They deserve to be celebrated on Sept. 11 - if you know what’s good for you.

Philip Lundquist

Bullhead City