Blog: John Kerry Uses State Department For Family Benefit – Sound Familiar?

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John Kerry on a high-speed ferry from Michigan to Milwaukee in 2006.

Photo © by Jeff Dean/Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.

John Kerry on a high-speed ferry from Michigan to Milwaukee in 2006.

Ethan Barton at The Daily Caller has reported that John Kerry, as Secretary of State following Hillary Clinton, has funneled millions into his own daughter's non-profit. Where have we heard this story before?

The non-profit was founded and run by Dr. Vanessa Kerry, John Kerry's daughter and $9 million was funneled from the State Department through the Peace Corps to her foundation. Documents obtained by The Daily Caller have verified this information.

Problem is, under John Kerry, the State Department awarded the money without competition. The non-profit was actually created just for this award and is called Seed Global Health and operates through a program in the Peace Corps called the Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP) which sends doctors and nurses to medical and nursing schools in Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Liberia.

By coincidence (or maybe not), it was initially awarded in 2012 (a three year contract - $2 million a year) when John Kerry was chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations which oversees both the Department of State and the Peace Corps. Well, how handy is that? And then, of course, John went on to actually BE the Secretary of State.

Obama did a similar thing with OUR money and his friends in the “global warming” industry. The companies he gave the money to went belly up and OUR money was lost. If you recall, NO competition was allowed. .

Last September, Seed Global applied for and got a four-year extension, this time with Daddy as the actual Secretary of State. And this time, Dr. Vanessa got $6.4 million and again, no competition. They also threw in a $1 million modification from the prior award. The Daily Caller states Kerry colluded with government officials to not only launch this program but be sure Seed got the contract. No competition, of course, helps immensely. Documents obtained state “the process can be fast tracked and non competed through a specific grant mechanism”.

These corrupt government officials in this administration know all the tricks, don't they? John Kerry's daughter was the only one that drew a salary which was $140,000 a year for a 30 hour week. Not too shabby. The initial contract stated this was not to go on past five years and competition would then be considered. However, minutes from 2014 show they changed that idea and would continue on with the no competition and now a 7 year contract.

The Peace Corps justified forgoing competition by arguing Seed was too burrowed in and replacing them would cause problems. Unbelievable! And that Dr. Kerry also works for Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School so there's no conflict of interest. Again.. Unbelievable! It isn't as if Dr.Kerry needs money since her Mother is Theresa Heinz Kerry who is wealthy beyond belief from the ketchup fortune she married into. It's that this stinks like yesterdays catch from top to bottom.

I have no problem with helping set up clinics in third world countries to make lives easier. Christian charities and churches have done this with great success forever. My own church does this. The 700 Club has forever done this worldwide along with most big Christian ministries. I have for years donated to the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, designating my monthly contribution for elderly Jews in Russia who are discriminated against, forsaken, hungry and cold – and many of which are very elderly death camp survivors. I will do so until the day I die, so burdened am I for them.

The Bible teaches we are our brother's keeper. Problem is, liberals have made our government our brother's keeper. And feathered their and their families nests along the way such as this Kerry story and the Hillary and Clinton Foundation story.

I believe America is fed up with stories such as this one. The corruption in the Obama administration is legion with him making his own laws; completely ignoring the fact we have a three branch government exactly designed for a POTUS such as him. When the top is rotten, those below the top are rotten also. We have seen this played out the last eight years.

While I was not initially for Donald Trump, I am now supporting him 100%. Research tells me he is quietly, with no fanfare, extremely charitable with his own money when others aren't looking. With his worth questionable, I think we can safely say he is worth a billion or two at least so scamming government money should no longer be a problem. I recently read a story he wrote to a newspaper last year about his change to believing in the sanctity of all human life. I see it played out recently by the words coming out of his mouth, the sincere stops to talk to the guy digging in the ditch, the soldier's Mother who just lost her son. My heart tells me his heart is kind and sincere. I believe he wants Border Patrol agents to be safe and young black men to have good jobs and good schools to go to. George W. Bush had the same kind of heart, quietly visiting soldiers in DC hospitals when no one was looking, taking the bike rides with disabled soldiers each year &ndas h; no fa n fare.

It is time! And John Kerry needs to be investigated for this, yet another obvious abuse of power out of the Obama administration.


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HwyRover 4 months ago

It is always unfortunate to see the conservative/obstructionists – once again – falling for outright trash from the Right Wing Loon Daily Caller. Their “report” on SOS Kerry was debunked within hours of appearing, but to admit the facts runs counter to the nonsense favored by conservative/obstructionists. When it comes to bogus foundations what needs to be investigated for outright fraud, theft and illegal operations is the joke known as the “Trump Foundation.”

The also debunked twaddle about the president providing his “friends” (note those “friends” are never identified by the conspiracy loons) is just sad. As it stands many of the alternative energy (not “global warming”) firms provided with seed money are actually booming and technicians for the wind power industry have moved into position as the number one for jobs. When mentioning money “lost” we must never forget the billions handed over to the oil industry year in and year out by the conservative/obstructionists.

Referencing monies paid for a “30 hour week” is uniquely bizarre considering the over $170,00 (on the low side) paid to members of Congress for a total yearly work week that amounts, at best, to about 18 hours. And what about the conservative/obstructionists mantra that executives should be allowed pay in the ever higher ranges without any oversight?

Once again the Clinton Foundation is attacked despite numerous audits by many groups, including the American Institute of Philanthropy and Charity Watch, that cite over 89% of donated funds go for charitable programs. And nations around the world have lauded the Clinton Foundation for its extraordinary efforts in fighting hunger and disease around the world. One would be far better served to give money to the Clinton Foundation instead of TV evangelists and other scam operations.

Making the claim that Trump, “…is extremely charitable with his own money when others aren't looking,” is a true indication of yet another conservative/obstructionist being taken in by a master con-artist. There is no evidence, whatsoever, that Trump ever gives “his own money” to any charity. The guy has not even given any money to his own “foundation” since 2008. And one only marvels at how certain conservative/obstructionists know Trump is giving money, “when others aren’t looking?”
If we want to know just how charitable Trump is all he needs to do is release his tax returns? What is that Trump does not want the American people to know about him?

It is truly sad how many people went from making nasty, vitriolic comments about Trump to being one of his “true standard bearers.”


kdmineruser1 4 months ago

You really should practice "economy of words". Nobody cares to read a "novel" in the opinion section. Try to get to the point and then get off!


HwyRover 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Simple answer - don't read posts that contain facts that dispute conservative/obstructionist nonsense.


Wildrose 3 months, 4 weeks ago

It's a blog - not required reading.


Wildrose 4 months ago

The American Institute of Philanthropy and Charity Watch no longer now known as Charity Watch, charges $40 to $200 annually for membership; is questionable due to possible fraudulent valuation of donations, inappropriate categorizations of program expenses, etc.

The Clinton Foundation? You can find dozens of stories on the joke that is the Clinton Foundation. For instance, in 2015 the New York Post says it operates as a slush fund for the Clinton family. We all already knew that. 2013 - they spent just $9 million of the $140 million they took in on their actual "mission". All the rest went to administration, travel, salaries, bonuses with the fattest payouts going to family friends. To be legitimate, a good foundation with a mission sends 75% to their mission work.

One CEO was Chelseas friend who received an unbelievable salary but after a fight with the Clinton's...left. They replaced him with good old Donna Shalala. About 10% of what they take in goes to charity. Dismal at best - greedy to the max for the Clinton's take total advantage of the foundation, traveling, eating, staying on the foundations dime. We would expect nothing less of people who stole so many items from the White House as they exited the back door, they were forced to bring part of the stolen paintings, etc back, pay thousands more for the rest.


Wildrose 4 months ago

BM - One last question. Want to give us a list of those "alternative energy" companies Obama seeded with OUR money that you state are booming? My information is that they are $2.2 billion IN THE HOLE to the U S government.

You give us the names. We, the people, will check it out for ourselves. The onus is on you.


HwyRover 4 months ago

Interesting how conservative/obstructionists demand answers (“The onus is on you!”) and yet refuse to answer questions posed to them.

Here are a few successful alternative energy companies (list incomplete due to space restrictions). Many of these companies were “seeded” by Bush with most receiving government grants that did not involve the president –

BIOFUEL AND ETHANOL - AE Biofuels, Alternative Energy Sources, BlueFire Ethanol Fuels, Environmental Power Corporation, Green Plains Renewable Energy, H2Diesel, Kreido Biofuels, Mission Biofuels, NexGen Biofuels, Southridge Enterprises, U.S. Sustainable Energy, The Alternative Energy Technology Center, Xethanol Corporation, Alcard Chemical Group, Andersons, BioFuel Energy Corp, Biomaxx Systems, Consolidated Biofuels, Diversa Corporation, Earth Biofuels, Ethanex Energy, Green Star Products, International Fuel Technology, Methanex Corporation, Pacific Ethanol, Pure Biofuels, Rentech, Syngas International, US BioEnergy Corporation

BIOMASS COMPANIES - Green Energy Corp, Laidlaw Energy Group, W2 Energy, Colusa Biomass Energy Corporation, Helius Energy, Methanex Corporation

FUEL CELL AND HYDROGEN FUEL COMPANIES - Arotech Corporation, Ballard Power Systems, Ceramic Fuel Cells, Distributed Energy, Fuel Cell Energy, Hydrogen Engine Center, Millennium Cell, Plug Power, Praxair, Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Trulite, Acta, Axion Power Intl, Cabot Corporation, CMR Fuel Cells, Eden Energy, HydroGen Corporation, Manhattan Scientifics, Hydrogenics Corporation, Pacific Fuel Cell Corp, Polyfuel, Proton Energy Systems, Syngas International Corp

GEOTHERMAL ENERGY COMPANIES – Geodynamic, Essential Innovations Technology Corp, Petratherm, Sierra Geothermal Power Corp, Western GeoPower Corp, Calpine Corporation, Eden Energy Ltd., Nevada Geothermal Power, Polaris Geothermal, US Geothermal

TIDAL ENERGY COMPANIES - Finavera Renewables, Ocean Power, Ocean Power Technologies, Carnegie Corporation

WIND POWER AND WIND ENERGY COMPANIES - Alternate Energy Solutions, Babcock & Brown Wind Partners, Greentech Energy Systems, General Electric, NACEL Energy, Renewable Energy Holding, Sea Breeze Power Corp, Americas Wind Energy Corporation, Cleanfield Alternative Energy, First National Power Corp, Indowind Energy, Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Suzlon Energy, Western Wind Energy Corp

PHOTOVOLAIC AND SOLAR COMPANIES - 3S Solar Systems, Ascent Solar Technologies, BP Solar, Solar & Clean Energy Solutions, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, EPOD Intl, GiraSolar, Open Energy Corp, Motech Industries Co, Renewable Energy Corp, Solar Power, Solar Power, Amtech Systems, BioSolar, CONERGY, DayStar Technologies, E-TON Solar Tech, International Automated Systems, Phoenix Solar, Photovoltaic Solar Cells, SOLARPARC,

“My information is that they are $2.2 billion IN THE HOLE to the U S government,” one can only wonder if that information comes from the same source that claimed Obama is not an American?


HwyRover 4 months ago

I stand corrected on AIP now being Charity Watch. However that does not preclude the literally dozens of other charitable watchdog groups that have given high marks to the Clinton Foundation along with many countries around the world who have praised the Clinton Foundation for their extraordinary projects that fight hunger and disease. And we must not forget that 89%+ for funds received by the Clinton Foundation go to charitable programs.

Of course conservative/obstructionists can never be trusted to actually remain factual on any subject, for example, “…Charity Watch, charges $40 to $200 annually for membership…” a total and complete fabrication, there is no “membership” requirement. Here is the truth, plain and simple, “Charity Watch is funded by the public - not charities, advertisers, trade associations, or other special interests.”

Of course no conservative/obstructionist rant would be complete without trash taken from tabloids, junk e-mails and other tenuous right wing loon sources.

If one were to be upset by any “foundation” it would be the Trump Foundation that has received across the board “F” ratings for its scam operation that has not seen Trump giving it any funding since 2008 and operating a phony “charity” that saw Trump having to pay a huge fine for using his “charity” to bribe the attorney general of Florida in an effort to protect his other major scam, Trump University.


Wildrose 3 months, 4 weeks ago

And here's 19 that have gone belly-up since receiving Obama dollars.
They had hoped people would only remember Solyndra (received $535 million), gone now. But alas, sooo many more. By now, there are undoubtedly many more as reported by Heritage, Reason, Fortune, Gateway Pundit and several others a couple of years ago. FYI, I don't use tabloids, junk e-mails or ANY e-mails for that matter, no loon sources. You are confusing ME with YOU. And you do have to pay Charity Watch to receive their reports.

$20,000 to the AG of Florida and you try to stand that up to $200 to $300 million the Clintons have now made from pay to play, 20 minute speeches from which they made $750,000, etc. Too funny! .

Evergreen Solar
Solyndra (received $535 million)
Beacon Power (received $43 million)
AES’ subsidiary Eastern Energy
Nevada Geothermal (received $98.5 million)
SunPower (received $1.5 billion)
First Solar (received $1.46 billion)
Babcock & Brown (an Australian company which received $178 million)
Ener1 (subsidiary EnerDel received $118.5 million)
Amonix (received 5.9 million)
The National Renewable Energy Lab
Fisker Automotive
Abound Solar (received $400 million)
Chevy Volt (taxpayers basically own GM)
Solar Trust of America
A123 Systems (received $279 million)
Willard & Kelsey Solar Group (received $6 million)
Johnson Controls (received $299 million)
Schneider Electric (received $86 million)

Incidentally, you do recall, Fisker sending money to their overseas plant to develop an electric car. EIGHTY PERCENT of these loans WENT TO OBAMA'S CAMPAIGN DONORS. Probably just a coincidence???. And sorry, 10% ONLY of the Clinton Foundation money goes for the mission period. Too, too many sources saying it. It was set up ahead of time to feather the Clinton's nest. In fact, Hillary has already declared, if she is elected POTUS, Chelsea will stay as head of the foundation.

I was thinking about John Kerry and years ago when I watched him testify about Vietnam. Turns out he lied through his teeth, told of tortures that never happened, etc. The Swift Boat debacle you might recall. Then I remembered, he married the ketchup lady after his first wife so his Dr. daughter is NOT the daughter of Theresa Heinz. And then I remembered who she really is. She married an Iranian Dr. He has family still in Iran. I wonder...could there be any connection with making a crazy deal with Iran and...oh well, just a thought.


Wildrose 3 months, 4 weeks ago

You lose! We were speaking specifically of the companies Obama gave millions/billions to (some considered it a slush fund to simply pay back his campaign donors since 80% receiving the money WERE big donors).

I checked your list - several being sued for fraud, none that I checked received the Obama stimulus money. One was considered a complete sham.

Meanwhile, here are a few more that DID get Obama stimulus money that have now failed. The Amonix Solar - FAILED (North Las Vegas. Got $20 million - closed facility only a year after if opened).

Bright Source - FAILED Got $1.6 billion. In spite of failing, Obama gave them even more of our money.

LSP Energy - FAILED Sold off all it's assets in 2012.

Energy Conversion Devices - FAILED - February, 2012, filed for bankrupcy.

Ecotality - FAILED - Received $115 million - never made ANY money, teeters on the brink of bankrupcy and yet Obama wants to keep shoveling in more money.

Unisolor, Inc - FAILED - Laid off hundreds of their employees, no progress, no profits. And yet, in 2012, Obama was insisting with his help with more government (our) money, he would help them stay open.

Azure Dynamics - FAILED - Filed for bankrupcy 2012 - wasted millions of our tax dollars and yet, were given a pass with their taxes,

Ener1 - FAILED - Given $118 million to make electric car batteries. Filed for bankrupcy in 2012.

That's 8 more making a total here of 28. I believe there were 36 given the stimulus money. That's the majority as failures and I have a few more I didn't print. And 80% of these were major Obama donors. Yep, that would make a slush fund.


HwyRover 3 months, 4 weeks ago

There is an inherent danger when conservative/obstructionists visit right wing loon hate sites (Divided America) and then copy and paste erroneous information. It is, as always, pointless to go through the list pointing out errors and factual misrepresentations, but a few stand out.

Amonix was selected for a grant under the Bush administration's Department of Energy in 2007 and received a total of $15.6 million under the grant.

Bright Source is an Oakland, California based, corporation that designs, builds, finances, and operates utility-scale solar power plants, is still in business and has been ranked as one of the top ten greentech startups in the world. No record of them receiving government funding.

LSP Energy still very active and in business providing alternative energy systems. A similarly named private partnership based in MS providing gas-fired power did declare bankruptcy in 2012.

Energy Conversion Devices did file bankruptcy in 2012 after being in business since 1960, sold off various patents and equipment. No record of them receiving government funding.

Unisolor, Inc remains in business after reorganization following a 2012 bankruptcy. No indication the president offered the company additional funds.

The following statement, “…and 80% of these were major Obama donors…” could not be verified as to authenticity leading to the conclusion it is nothing more than hyperbole based on no facts, as usual.

What conservative/obstructionists fail to comprehend is that our government has, through history, funded many projects and companies that filed while innovative advances have been made in virtually every facet from health care to space. Anyone who takes pride in being a constant naysayer towards progress has deservedly earned the title conservative/obstructionist.


HwyRover 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Once again misinformation, “The Onus” was placed on me to provide names of successful alternative energy companies, which I did. Now debunked information once again appears with this one, “And you do have to pay Charity Watch to receive their reports,” a departure from the original claim, “…Charity Watch, charges $40 to $200 annually for membership…”. As stated there is no “membership fee” and it’s common practice for foundations to charge for reports.

The disproved allegation the Clinton Foundation operated a “pay for play” scheme appears in an attempt to justify Trumps $25,000 illegal bribe. In the world of conservative/obstructionists there are illegal activities that do not rise to the level of crimes based on the amount involved.

Space restrictions limit what can be corrected in the “list” of companies, here are a few:

First this utter falsehood, “Chevy Volt (taxpayers basically own GM).” On 10 December 2013 U.S. taxpayers no longer owned any of General Motors. The Treasury sold the last of its remaining 31.1 million GM shares on that date.

Evergreen Solar was founded in 1994 (pre-Obama) and never received US Government funds.

SpectraWatt received no government funds and continues to manufacture and distribute solar cells for use in solar modules.

The factual history of Solyndra as told by conservative/obstructionists always leaves out the inconvenient truths that the DOE loan program was started by Bush in 2005 intended to provide government support for "innovative technologies." Also the Solyndra loan was fast-traced by Bush as one of the, "…three highest priorities through January 15, (2009)." The failure of Solyndra was precipitated by Chinese price fixing with losses being recovered through multiple lawsuits and the government expected to receive 100% of loaned funds from a $1.5 billion lawsuit against the Chinese.

Beacon Power was founded in 1997 and received a DOE loan guarantee of $43 million in 2009. Following bankruptcy in 2011 Beacon sold one of its facilities to repay the DOE loan.

If conservative/obstructionists are serious about government wasting money they need look no further than the $5 billion-plus annually handed to the oil and gas industry. Alternative energy sources, such as solar and wind, receive less that 1% of what oil and gas companies suck out of the government.

There is also some confusion as to what John Kerry has to do with the discussion at hand and particularly his marriage to, “… the ketchup lady” followed by more misinformation, claiming that Kerry’s testimony about torture in Vietnam was “lies” that would also mean John McCain is also a liar when he claims to have been tortured.

The total mass of misinformation and outright falsehoods is truly astounding but never surprising as conservative/obstructionists dedicate their lives to believing junk e-mails, spurious comments made by right wing loons and just plain old made up stuff.


HwyRover 3 months, 4 weeks ago

The memories of conservative/obstructionists are seriously flawed particularly when it comes to posting trash about people they do not like. Making statements referencing Mr Kerry’s daughter with the following comment, “She married an Iranian Dr. He has family still in Iran. I wonder...could there be any connection with making a crazy deal with Iran and...oh well, just a thought.”

Well that, “…just a thought” is fraught with misinformation and here are the pesky facts that took less than five minutes to ferret out - Vanessa Bradford Kerry married Brian Vala Nahed on 10 October 2009, an American-born U.S. citizen who attended school at UCLA and Yale and is a neurosurgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital, specializing in brain tumors along with Spinal Disorders, and his wife is also a physician specializing in critical care.

Dr Nahed is not Iranian: he was not born in Iran, he has never held Iranian citizenship, he has never worked or lived in Iran, and he has never been to Iran. He's a natural-born U.S. citizen from New York who has lived, attended school, and worked in the United States his entire life.

Why is it conservative/obstructionists insist upon repeating – incessantly – debunked trash in place of actually researching something – anything – before posting nonsense? Each time they do this it simply reinforces the well proven fact that nothing a conservative/obstructionist states can ever be trusted or even considered as being a modicum of truth.


Wildrose 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Actually, I long ago completely researched John Kerry's Iranian son in law. Since you are unable to understand the very dangerous ramifications, the fact Kerry should never have been Secretary of State, WHO was, unbelievably, best man at their wedding and the danger to our country - I will write an entire BLOG to get you up to snuff.

It is people who don't think things through that put our country in danger.

I would like to remind you, Huma Abedin, been with Hillary Clinton, connected at the hip for twenty years now, was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Huma was on Hillary's very illegal private server, has had access to any and all top secret information Hillary had access to. Huma is closely connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, her Mother helped found the Muslim Sisterhood which pushes sharia law, is pro-Hamas. Her Father was closely connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. Huma has a long history of being closely involved in anti-American terrorist organizations.

AND SHE'S STILL THERE WITH HILLARY - has made remarks like Hillary can't remember things, loses her balance, etc. And dear Huma is an American citizen, born, of all places in Kalamazoo. And very dedicated to islam.


HwyRover 3 months, 4 weeks ago

No matter how you attempt to explain the facts to conservative/obstructionists they will go on with false information. To make the claim that, “…I long ago completely researched John Kerry's Iranian son in law,” continues to fly in the face of the facts. Let’s see if there is a way to simplify the issue perhaps by the numbers – 1) Vanessa Kerry on 10 October 2009 married Dr Brian Vala Nahed. 2) Dr Nahed is a natural born U. S. Citizen and was NOT born in Iran. 3) Dr Nahed has never been to Iran. 4) Dr Nahed’s parents are Iranian by birth, but left Iran over 40 years ago –before their son was born - and are naturalized citizens. So much for "...completely researched" the issue.

So to continue the idiocy that Dr Nahed is Kerry’s, “Iranian son in law” is nothing more than …well a blatant falsehood. As usual.