Blog: John Kerry Uses State Department For Family Benefit – Sound Familiar?

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John Kerry on a high-speed ferry from Michigan to Milwaukee in 2006.

Photo © by Jeff Dean/Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.

John Kerry on a high-speed ferry from Michigan to Milwaukee in 2006.

Ethan Barton at The Daily Caller has reported that John Kerry, as Secretary of State following Hillary Clinton, has funneled millions into his own daughter's non-profit. Where have we heard this story before?

The non-profit was founded and run by Dr. Vanessa Kerry, John Kerry's daughter and $9 million was funneled from the State Department through the Peace Corps to her foundation. Documents obtained by The Daily Caller have verified this information.

Problem is, under John Kerry, the State Department awarded the money without competition. The non-profit was actually created just for this award and is called Seed Global Health and operates through a program in the Peace Corps called the Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP) which sends doctors and nurses to medical and nursing schools in Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Liberia.

By coincidence (or maybe not), it was initially awarded in 2012 (a three year contract - $2 million a year) when John Kerry was chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations which oversees both the Department of State and the Peace Corps. Well, how handy is that? And then, of course, John went on to actually BE the Secretary of State.

Obama did a similar thing with OUR money and his friends in the “global warming” industry. The companies he gave the money to went belly up and OUR money was lost. If you recall, NO competition was allowed. .

Last September, Seed Global applied for and got a four-year extension, this time with Daddy as the actual Secretary of State. And this time, Dr. Vanessa got $6.4 million and again, no competition. They also threw in a $1 million modification from the prior award. The Daily Caller states Kerry colluded with government officials to not only launch this program but be sure Seed got the contract. No competition, of course, helps immensely. Documents obtained state “the process can be fast tracked and non competed through a specific grant mechanism”.

These corrupt government officials in this administration know all the tricks, don't they? John Kerry's daughter was the only one that drew a salary which was $140,000 a year for a 30 hour week. Not too shabby. The initial contract stated this was not to go on past five years and competition would then be considered. However, minutes from 2014 show they changed that idea and would continue on with the no competition and now a 7 year contract.

The Peace Corps justified forgoing competition by arguing Seed was too burrowed in and replacing them would cause problems. Unbelievable! And that Dr. Kerry also works for Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School so there's no conflict of interest. Again.. Unbelievable! It isn't as if Dr.Kerry needs money since her Mother is Theresa Heinz Kerry who is wealthy beyond belief from the ketchup fortune she married into. It's that this stinks like yesterdays catch from top to bottom.

I have no problem with helping set up clinics in third world countries to make lives easier. Christian charities and churches have done this with great success forever. My own church does this. The 700 Club has forever done this worldwide along with most big Christian ministries. I have for years donated to the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, designating my monthly contribution for elderly Jews in Russia who are discriminated against, forsaken, hungry and cold – and many of which are very elderly death camp survivors. I will do so until the day I die, so burdened am I for them.

The Bible teaches we are our brother's keeper. Problem is, liberals have made our government our brother's keeper. And feathered their and their families nests along the way such as this Kerry story and the Hillary and Clinton Foundation story.

I believe America is fed up with stories such as this one. The corruption in the Obama administration is legion with him making his own laws; completely ignoring the fact we have a three branch government exactly designed for a POTUS such as him. When the top is rotten, those below the top are rotten also. We have seen this played out the last eight years.

While I was not initially for Donald Trump, I am now supporting him 100%. Research tells me he is quietly, with no fanfare, extremely charitable with his own money when others aren't looking. With his worth questionable, I think we can safely say he is worth a billion or two at least so scamming government money should no longer be a problem. I recently read a story he wrote to a newspaper last year about his change to believing in the sanctity of all human life. I see it played out recently by the words coming out of his mouth, the sincere stops to talk to the guy digging in the ditch, the soldier's Mother who just lost her son. My heart tells me his heart is kind and sincere. I believe he wants Border Patrol agents to be safe and young black men to have good jobs and good schools to go to. George W. Bush had the same kind of heart, quietly visiting soldiers in DC hospitals when no one was looking, taking the bike rides with disabled soldiers each year &ndas h; no fa n fare.

It is time! And John Kerry needs to be investigated for this, yet another obvious abuse of power out of the Obama administration.