Letter: Support conservative obstructionists

A regular commenter here in the Miner has labeled those in Congress, and apparently, those of us that support the Congress’ attempts to reign in the runaway governance by executive order of President Obama, as “conservative/obstructionists.” Since 63 percent of Americans believe America is heading down the wrong track, I for one will accept that “label” and wear it proudly! Thank God that we have those in Congress that resists the lawless attempts by this president to impose his will upon us Americans, with his phone and pen!

Let’s hear from some of you who are also proud “conservative/obstructionists.” It’s time to switch from the Obama/Clinton liberal/socialist track that we have been on and head back down the track toward the America that our founding fathers envisioned!

God bless America and especially the conservative/obstructionists’ efforts to obstruct the liberal/socialist train heading this country toward socialism!

David Gaither Kingman