Mohave County Administrator wants to identify ‘hot jobs’

Board of Supervisors meets at 9 a.m. Monday at County Administration Building

Mike Hendrix

Mike Hendrix

KINGMAN – Mohave County Administrator Mike Hendrix is asking the Board of Supervisors to let him work with human resources, finance and other departments to identify “hot jobs” in critical areas where service has been hampered by vacancies.

He wants to bring “market adjustment proposals” to the board when it meets at 9:30 a.m. Monday at the County Administration Building, 700 W. Beale St.

It’s essential to Mohave County as a governmental organization to attract and retain quality employees to maintain the county’s ability to provide services, Hendrix said.

“It has become evident in certain areas of our organization, substantiated by such things as high turnover rates, habitual vacancies and our inability to attract and retain qualified individuals that our capacity to adequately provide services is being significantly impaired,” he said.

Given the county’s varying financial situations depending upon the division and its funding, it is currently not feasible to address all areas of concern, the administrator noted.

“We do, however, have the ability to address specific areas of concern where funds are available in non-general fund departments and in areas of our organization with significant vacancy savings,” Hendrix said.

Other items on Monday’s board agenda:

• Rezone a parcel from agricultural-residential, 10-acre minimum lot size to agricultural-residential, 5-acre minimum to allow for a minor land division at Rudge Drive and Lakeview Drive, west of Stockton Hill Road.

• Establish a 0.3-mile section of Corona Road from Huntington Road to Downey Road in the Fort Mohave area as a county highway for hard surfacing and accept the paved road into the county’s road maintenance system.

• Accept Kirkland Road from Patagonia Road to Vandergriff Drive for about 3,900 feet in the Golden Valley area into the county’s road maintenance program.

• Amend the county’s anti-littering ordinance to require landlords to provide commercial trash collection service to residential tenants and provide for a 10-day notice to litter generators to remove litter after the notice is given my mail. This item was continued from March 6 and March 20.

• Amend and clarify boundaries of County Road Improvement and Maintenance District No. 1.