Mohave County supervisors give OK for administrator to ID ‘hot jobs’

Mike Hendrix

Mike Hendrix

KINGMAN – Mohave County Board of Supervisors gave the go-ahead Monday for county Administrator Mike Hendrix to identify “hot jobs” in critical areas where services have been affected by vacancies.

As an example, he referred to county road department workers who showed up in force at the last board meeting to address compensation and the difficulty of bringing in new workers and keeping them.

The board voted unanimously to authorize Hendrix to work with human resources, finance and department heads to identify those jobs and to bring “market adjustment proposals” for consideration.

The county has identified staffing deficiencies in the sheriff’s office, flood control and road maintenance, Hendrix said.

“What I’m asking for now is to work in areas where there is sufficient funding from vacancies to address those issues,” he said.

Supervisor Hildy Angius said she’s seen agenda items come to the board in which departments are asking for funded positions that never seem to be filled.

Hendrix said he would bring back a plan with a “template” to allow departments to downsize and distribute those jobs to remaining employees and use the benefit savings for critical jobs.

In other action Monday:

• The board voted 5-0 to rezone a parcel from agricultural residential 10-acre minimum lot size to 5-acre minimum lot size to allow for a minor land division west of Stockton Hill Road on the corner of Ruge Drive and Lakeview Drive in the Kingman area.

• The board voted 5-0 to accept about 3,900 feet of Kirkland Road from Patagonia Road to Vandergriff Drive in the Golden Valley area into the county’s regular road maintenance program. Public Works Director Steve Latoski said the county was able to acquire a 65-foot right of way from the Bureau of Land Management for the road. Supervisor Gary Watson said it was a “classic example of how the work gets done.”

• The board voted 5-0 to amend and clarify the boundaries of the county’s road improvement and maintenance District No. 1 by removing a lot. It appears that an error was made that included the parcel on the map when the district was formed in 2009.