Prep Project offers students help with SATs and ACTs

KINGMAN – A tool to help students prepare for college exams is floating around on the internet.

The next SAT exam date is May 6, followed by another on June 3. The 2017 ACT exam is June 10.

The eKnowledge Corporation’s SAT/ACT Prep Project is supported by over 300 organizations including the National Federation of High Schools, the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrator and many more. Since 2005, the project has assisted over 250,000 students including NFHS and NIAAA students and their families in every state and over 40 countries.

The test’s $350 fee is paid by sponsors and partnership. There is a fee of $14.99 paid by the student that covers the cost for streaming, student support, customer support and materials. All student fees are reinvested to improve the program and reach more families. The Prep Project does not create a profit.

“Your students and families want this resource,” said Prep Project Director Cheryl Litras. “Please use your existing communications channels to let everyone know about the URL above. That’s it, we do everything else.”

The project is supported by over 300 organizations including NFL and MLB athletes. More than 35,000 students and parents have given testimonials about the programs. Litras said these programs have everything students need to be totally prepared for the exam and position themselves for scholarships.

For more information or to read the testimonials, go online at, or contact Litras at 951-256-4076.