Trash mess at the South Cove launch ramp

LAKE MEAD – If you are one of the many local people who used the launch ramp at South Cove this weekend, you probably saw the garbage that was not only in the area of the launch ramp, but also around the trash cans that are located on the upper level of the parking area as well.

After an overnight fishing trip on the lake Thursday night, we pulled up to use the restrooms located a long ways from the launch ramp.

It was then I noticed that there was all kinds of trash and debris scattered in and around the trash receptacles that are located near the restrooms.

The stench coming from the garbage was horrible and swarms of flies were in the area.

Trash, including food items, boxes and debris associated with camping were seen from one end of the area to the other.

I took photos of the trash and plan on calling the Lake Mead National Recreational Area in Boulder City to report what I had found.

I want to find out the schedule for LMNRA trash pick up at South Cove.