Reed named Fittest Woman in the U.S. after 6th-place finish at CrossFit Games

Kingman High grad Tennil Reed took sixth place with 888 points, 106 behind the winner, at the CrossFit Games.

Courtesy of CrossFit Games Twitter

Kingman High grad Tennil Reed took sixth place with 888 points, 106 behind the winner, at the CrossFit Games.

KINGMAN – Tennil Reed spent four days pushing herself to the limit during rigorous workouts at the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin. That alone can drain any talented athlete, but the Kingman High School graduate overcame all the obstacles to earn the title of the Fittest Woman in the United States after finishing sixth overall at the Games.

“I’m extremely happy,” Reed said. “I look back at last year when I was 11th. I was more destroyed (physically) and I felt terrible afterward. This time I wasn’t as bad. I did way better and I got the ‘Most Improved’ award. It was just an amazing year and I’m really happy with how it turned out.”

Reed also mentioned it was a nice way to cap off the year. While the overall experience will no doubt prove memorable, Reed has one memory that stands alone.

During the ninth event, the Muscle-Up Clean Ladder, Reed had the privilege of wearing the leader’s jersey. That was an accomplishment in itself, but she also was aiming to redeem herself after getting time-capped last year during the 11-minute event.

Reed did just that, but it was close.

With one final rep left of 235 pounds, Reed made sure she had time left by looking at the clock and then found a friendly face for inspiration.

“Right before I took that last clean, I saw my mom standing at the end of the lane,” Reed said. “I hyped myself up, ‘You can do this, you can do this.’ Then I went to the bar and I pulled it with everything that I had. It was such a great feeling. Then I ran and jumped and hugged my family.”

It was easily the highlight of the weekend for Reed, especially because she wore the leader jersey while finishing the event in 10:54.88 for ninth place.

While Reed dropped into sixth place overall after that event, she still battled down the stretch to hold her position. However, Reed knows she has room for improvement.

“I’ve learned a lot and I know what I have to work on to get better,” she said. “I’m happy with where I finished because I did put everything into each workout. I’m happy that I’m the fittest in the U.S. That’s cool.”

She isn’t content with the honor though.

“If I can make the same kind of improvements as I did from last year, I feel like I could win,” Reed said.”

Right now, however, she is going to take a break. Reed plans to travel with her husband, hang out with family and just let her body recover.

One thing is for sure – Reed knows she couldn’t have done it all without the outpouring of support.

“I’m just really thankful to all the people who sent me ‘good lucks’ and tried to cheer me up,” Reed said. “I had so many people reach out to me from Kingman. Kingman CrossFit made me a really sweet video pushing me to do my best. So I just want to thank everyone who did that.”