Rants & Raves | August 13, 2017

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Budget Woes: If the county and state are truly in dire straits, legalize marijuana. Stop listening to the lies and face the truth. Meth and heroin are the drug problems here. Sadly, those who smoke weed still have to live in fear.

El Trovatore Hill: Surely, hordes of wheelchair-bound persons are eagerly waiting when they can put pedal to the metal right up and over El Trovatore Hill. No? Then only those barely mobile on foot will be able to enjoy the steep ascent and descent.

Raise Taxes, Hell No: The Midwest people (just read the obituaries folks) insist on keeping Kingman a one-horse town. They refuse to let this town grow and make the new people who come here pay dearly. Lived here, invested here 17 years.

Parking Trailers in Streets: I would love to know when they are going to enforce the trailers to not stay at Walmart for weeks at a time. You have people living in trailers and cars right at Walmart.

Inmates Being Offered Drug to Combat Opioid Addiction: How many patients are going to be negatively affected by this drug vivitrol.

Inmates and Opioid Addiction: Very glad to see this pilot program. The drug addiction is a national crisis with too many lives impacted. Hope this is something that helps. I’d much rather see rehab facilities than so many jails. War on drugs is a failure.

Re: Draft Dodger – Typical misspeak and alternative facts with no foundation. Who ran off to Canada? The only one I know was Cassius Clay to avoid the draft.

Trash: The city should increase its trash service to pick up in the Butler area so people would have a way to get rid of everyday trash for $19 a month.

Board of Supervisors – Budget Hearings: Typical Board of Supervisor actions. They will punish the residents of the community to prove they want more tax money. Law enforcement should come first. Without laws the lawless will take over.

Kingman Trash: Some folks are apparently able to recognize a primary reason (trashy look) why some businesses, and citizens, are not willing to make Kingman a business location or move to Kingman. Who wants to live in a butt-ugly location?

Parking Trailers: Whats Jen Miles problem with motor homes. Nobody has ever complained about my motorhome parked in front of my house. When my family and friends come to visit they stay in it.