Letter | Speed demons on Highway 93

A few days ago, my wife and I went up to Vegas. We went up Highway 93. I set my cruise control at 65 mph, which is the posted speed limit.

I thought I was going to get run over.

Cars passed me like I was standing still. I know good and well some of those cars were going 80 mph.

When we got close to Vegas there was some road construction. There were places that the speed limit was down to 35. When I got down to 35, I thought I was going to get rear ended.

It is obvious that a good share of people have total disregard for traffic laws. I see people every day going through stop signs.

What on Earth is the matter with people? Are they in that big of a hurry?

Then people complain when they get their insurance bill. People forget that fines double in construction zones.

I remember what my dad told me several years go: “It isn’t how fast you go, it is how much of a steady pace you keep.”

Romney Case

Golden Valley