Letter | Praise for KMS culinary program

I was impressed with KMS and their "Back to Basics," as I call it, nine-week culinary program.

Kids today are so far behind in just the basics of life and so-called menial jobs. I would like to see more of this type of programing for our kids. Yes, we need advancements for the future but we also need the basics.

I was in the checkout line at a store recently, and a mother and her daughter were having a conversation. The mother handed her daughter a card from an aunt and asked her to read it to her while she paid. I was surprised to hear her daughter say, "I can't, it's in cursive." Handwriting has become a lost art and not taught in school anymore. Printing is now acceptable.

Our children need "Back to Basics" programs like this. From handwriting, cooking and how to clean their houses, to how to fix a broken window, do a plumbing job or change a tire. Not to mention, how to be self sufficient when you own a car and fix it yourself. I know kids who really don't know how to wash clothes and hang them on a clothes line or repair a bicycle tire.

Where is the sense of pride when you don't do it yourself? We have become a society of the one-minute meals and convenience. Cellphones and the internet have robbed our children of the wonderful world of the basics.

Wouldn't it be nice to get back to those and be funded by the lotto money? I thought that's why we voted it in.

Somebody should check into that.

Sally Morisset

Golden Valley