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Rants & Raves | August 20, 2017

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story, please mention the headline.

Our citizens are tired of Kingman looking like trash: Just moved from Missouri. They have very strict laws with one warning to clean up. If the homeowner does not comply, the next warning is for condemnation. If property is condemned, the county takes ownership then auctions it off on the courthouse’s steps.

Sales tax debate: Mr. Lingenfelter wants Kingman’s citizens/visitors to take on a $50 million expense for tow interchanges, as well as extend (current) and increase sales taxes – boo! Guess who will also pay for the additional police and fire department buildings?

Sales tax debate: When the sale tax is higher than Las Vegas, it will only hurt business in Kingman even more. Less will be purchased in kingman and the city will lose even more revenue.

County budget woes: I have 16 cats living under my house. It costs $20 each plus transport to remove. Your neighborhood is next. Put that in the budget.

Is the lottery worth it? If you want to see true insanity, drive over to Primm on the California-Nevada border during high Powerball prize amount and watch thousands of fools throw away their money on a 100-mile roundtrip from the Las Vegas area.

Rain damage roads in Golden Valley: I have lived in Golden Valley for 25 years and spent time helping people out of flooded areas; that’s what neighbors do. Seriously, a flooded road is your big problem, how about 14 years next to a rental property from hell.

Charlottesville, Virginia: So how do you explain the Democratic governor withdrawing law enforcement and allowing the tragedy to continue?

Charities: Kingman needs to support St. Vincent de Paul and ARC, as they really support the people of this community.

The group that got ignored in Charlottesville: This article is right on. There was hate and violence on both sides in Charlottesville. Trump was right to call out both sides and should not have gotten the the treatment he received from the left media, Democrats and Republicans.

Arpaio: President Trump, pardon him, not because he has the same leanings – pardon him because he was one hell of a sheriff.

City Council approves funding mechanism for two I-40 interchanges: Great news for Bullhead City. Keep driving the shoppers out of Kingman, Council. By the way, instead of burying the lead, why is this article not titled “City Council raises sales tax from 2 to 3.5 percent?”

Real cause of opiod addiction: Sally Morton says her doctor sees 36 patients a day and has never had a problem with addiction of his patients. Thirty six patients a day. I know they are each getting in-depth, superb care.

NACFD puts Edar back at the helm: No wonder the district and its board are in such shambles. One audience member cites Roberts Rule of Order. Roberts is not used at open meetings of boards. The Board as a whole votes on all matters, not two members.