Letter | Herberta Schroeder: Working together can change everything for the better

Boundaries are important. Sometimes we forget where the city and county lines are drawn in our community, and you can find a map at www.kdminer.com.

I put in arrows and labels for important markers to help orientate myself with exactly what was what. Notice that the airport and industrial park are outside city limits. That leads one to the conclusion that the county should maintain the roads in the park.

Sometimes it is easy for us to realize that it takes the county employees, city employees and all of us folk to keep our community looking its best. A beautiful area is important because our revenue base is tourism, and people won’t stay and spend their money in areas covered with weeds and debris. So it takes all of us to work together to make it as appealing as possible.

If your neighbor has a lot of tall weeds, don’t assume they are lazy. They may be unable to work in their yard.

Perhaps, they don’t have the extra money to hire help. It isn’t that people don’t care. It’s because people often think, “I can manage this a little at a time,” but it gets past the point of their ability to get it done.

Owning a home is half the cost of renting for some, but it has its drawbacks, such as not being able to physically get the weeds cut or leaves raked.

When you are on a fixed income and disabled, $15 an hour for landscape care is nearly impossible. Perhaps there are Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts or high school clubs that would want to do a fundraiser by cutting down weeds and such for a small fee.

I know that you would like a lot more money for the work, but the gratitude often is worth the satisfaction of knowing you made someone’s life better. There used to be merit badges for community involvement, right?

This community cares. It is why I chose to make my home in Kingman. I could have cut and run after my parents passed or after the divorce, but the sense of community we have makes this feel like home.

One person really can make a difference, and a whole community working together can change everything for the better.