Letter | Opiods: Fentanyl is a silent killer

This in response to the letter posted “Opioid epidemic - focus on the real problem.”

The problem is people who are prescribed opioids don’t use the medication as they are prescribed and will sell them to others in order to make an income.

I am not saying all do that, but there are some that do.

My husband bought a Fentanyl patch from someone for $10 back in 2012. The person didn’t warn him of the consequences of taking a 100 MCG patch, and he overdosed and died within less than 24 hours of putting the patch on.

I think that yes, it does stink to jump through hoops to get the medication you need, especially when it helps you and you are using as prescribed. However, those hoops help prevent people from selling those patches and causing someone to overdose by allowing the medication to be closely monitored.

Yes, I am aware that it was my ex-husband’s fault for taking the patch, but the person that sold it to him is just as much at fault.

Opioid addiction is a real problem and people are going to great lengths to get high. People don’t realize that it’s not only heroin we need to be on the look out for.

Fentanyl is a silent killer because it doesn’t show up in a normal toxicology report, and it can represent itself as something completely different, which makes it hard to diagnose.

Heather Boydstun