Letter | Re: Ducey and Confederate Monuments

I was glad to see our Gov. Doug Ducey not bend to tantrums.

The removing  of historical monuments is offensive to me and quite a few others in fact. Clearly Sen. Reginald Bolding is ignorant and a racist  himself.  

Trying to erase history without a plan is so foolish. If you push a donkey, it will dig in it’s heels and resist.

In the whole article, Bolding gave no solution or plan for the handling of the situation. Just take them down because it hurts our feelings and we don’t want to see it. If he had something to put on the table besides jumping up and down calling for their removal,  he might be better received.

There is a solution, build a museum. Tell both sides, good and bad. Each side fought for what they thought was right. Both sides had heroes and terrorists of their time and both sides had families who endured. Putting these beautiful monuments in a museum will allow both sides to see where we came from and be a reminder that bigotry, prejudice and hate has no place in America, no matter what color you are.

Don’t come empty handed and be expected to be taken seriously. Make a plan. Use common sense and use your time for the better good. Banging on doors and insisting on getting your way becomes a clanging symbol and breeds hate. With this kind of attitude it makes me wonder how Bolding got elected. 

Ignorance speaks when you don’t have a plan or a purpose. Just a little food for thought.

Sally Morisset 

Golden Valley