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10:19 AM Sat, Feb. 16th

Letter | Dean Wolslagel: How to lose your job as a politician

If you look at the situation in our country right now, you may notice a great amount of anxiety and stressful feelings.

It’s simple to see the problem, as I even noticed the same scenario in a kids game called Spore. It is an educational social game that basically shows that if your population increases the benefits of the society should remain in a flexible state so no one gets left out. The goal is to keep the population happy and not to anger the people.

I am afraid that this new Trump-controlled GOP, which really is nothing more than a Libertarian commando party run by Steve Bannon, has completely fooled the old GOP guards.

The GOP is not the same one my parents belonged to, that’s for sure. My father would have never left children’s health care unfunded as has now happened, and my mother would gasp at the raiding of the public treasury by the $1.5 trillion dollar tax cut for the rich.

The new Libertarian invasion is in full swing, but I think the payback will destroy the GOP soon enough. It’s the old saying “you get what you sow,”and if you sow discontent you will be fired.

I feel sorry for those who actually thought a billionaire, who never had a real job in his life, was going to help out the common person, and those who think Congress is working for the public. Oh boy, what dreamers.

A recent report from the same university that Albert Einstein was a faculty member of printed a reported suggesting we have become an oligarchy and not a democracy. That’s real bad news.

So here we are again. Let’s vote them out and start fresh with morals and integrity restored.