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7:21 PM Sun, Oct. 21st

Letter | Pigeons have been given a bad rap

In response to the Rants and Raves claiming pigeons spread disease, I say know the facts before making such a statement.

All animals carry disease including all birds, cats and dogs, but pigeons present little risk to humans.

A person is more likely to contract an illness from a household pet such as their dog than from a pigeon. Pigeons have gotten a bad rap for years, which was all started by greed. The pest control industry makes big bucks by convincing the public that pigeons spread disease, which is flat out not true.

The Arizona Department of Health has never documented a pigeon-to-human transmission in the state of Arizona, per the Arizona state public health veterinarian. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta and New York City, which both have a very large feral pigeon population, and the Arizona Department of Health all agree that disease associated with pigeons presents little risk to people.

Can a person contract an illness from a wild or even a domesticated animal? I suppose the answer is probably yes, but to single out pigeons as disease carriers is flat out false.

Yes, I’m one of those who like pigeons, but as I’ve said they’ve been getting a bad rap for years, and I feel people should know the facts as they speak for themselves.

Tom Ciardullo

Golden Valley