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10:42 PM Thu, Jan. 17th

Letter | United we stand, divided we fall

I just don’t understand the way some people act and still these people complain, but refuse to fight.

I understand their feelings, but still can’t figure out why. These folks won’t fight, but they all want to keep their freedom.

Here is a serious question as well as food for thought.

Our forefathers fought and built this country on Christian values and our constitutional Bill of Rights. We must keep our country free.

If you really love this beautiful country, then you should honor not just the flag but support our troops and our leaders.

If you want the rights, then I feel you should be willing to fight for your country.

Think really hard and don’t just think but stand for what you believe in. Remember this people.

We need everyone young and old to fight for this great country where you were born and raised.

Hint, hint to those draft dodgers. Cowardliness, burning our precious flag, and rioting will never be accepted.

I don’t care about your reason. It’s a plain and simple fact. Like it or lump it, folks.

United we stand, divided we fall.

God bless.

Kenny Lee Barrows