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4:54 AM Tue, Nov. 20th

Letter of Thanks | Thank You Daily Miner

I so appreciated the Special Edition Honoring our Military.

As I read through these experiences, I couldn’t begin to imagine the emotions wrapped up in their ordeals. So I read them again and again. Each time I could feel my stomach start to tighten as I imagined the fear that must of gripped them in these do or die situations.

To see fellow troops die for something they believed in. To be in the trenches, each one with their own thoughts, not knowing what to expect next or if they would be going home in a body bag.

As my eyes started to fill with tears, my heart filled with more love and respect for our military. Yes, they signed up, willingly, maybe some because of other reasons but one thing was clear, they believed in America and what she stands for.

They didn’t give 10 percent, they gave their all and those who did come home came home with memories some of us probably couldn’t handle.

As I read these events, it felt like it was yesterday. The recall was so real, even today as they let us know why we should stand for our troops and respect our military. I saved this edition so I won’t forget in these uncertain times ahead of us, to Pray for our young troops already in the trenches. Getting ready to defend the United States, willingly and without hesitation.

Why? Because THEY believe in America.

In God we Trust.

Sally Morisset

Golden Valley