Libs: No Exception for Christians

Hard to believe, President Trump's been in office one week and last week’s Sunday news shows came up with some zingers. For instance, Trump's moratorium on people coming into our country from seven Muslim countries. Exceptions for Christians. Horrors!

As the left wing crowds amassed at various airports in support of Muslims coming here, Democrat Dick Durbin on Fox News Sunday was horrified that Christians were singled out to be allowed in. Really Dick? A country founded on Christianity? Being slaughtered by ISIS all over the Middle East? But you are bothered we made an exception for them?

Was it pointed out that Obama brought 99% Muslims here and only 1% Christian? That he specifically did NOT allow the persecuted Christians in the Middle East to come in. Was it pointed out that some 23 other Muslim countries were NOT on Trump's list? No, it wasn't.

Was it pointed out that our Founders said who could come, when and how many? And for many decades, no one came ... for the good of the new growing nation. No, it was not. BUT, there was always an exception for religious persecution.

We have so left the Founders intent. To nationalize before we naturalize, to make sure those coming will meld in or fill jobs that do need filling here, to make sure they speak English before coming and would NOT go on welfare.

Our Founders did put America first. Careful thought and prayer went into who could come. From 1921-24, the "Great Restriction" - Quota Act of 1921 reduced immigration through a system of national-origins quotas, reflecting the ethnic heritage of the existing American community, predominantly northern and western European.

In the 1950s when illegals started coming, we stopped it. We had laws you had to obey. But in 1965 we dumped national-origins for "family reunification", emphasized over skills needed by our economy. Now the world comes, hoping to have a child here to be an anchor for the entire family - completely NOT in the founding documents.

We are now an alien nation, not out of the many one but out of the ONE, now many. We now basically allow only people from third-world countries, often with no skills, no money, unable to speak English and who immediately go on welfare. We often even pay for their housing.

Our Christian nation is disappearing. The white people who brilliantly founded it have been thrown out for alien nations who never founded a country like ours, but who are now considered above the founders. Being white is now something deplorable in America (been on a college campus lately?), but being a Christian is even lower than that, no matter what your skin color.

And now, a congressman has the unmitigated gall to think rescuing fellow Christians with whom we have much more in common than we do with other religions should not have a priority in getting here.

Perhaps, were it he who was forced to watch his wife and four small children burned alive, he would think more kindly on this.