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A 1967 Jeep Wagoneer similar to the Jeep that's been stuck in a dune for four decades.

A 1967 Jeep Wagoneer similar to the Jeep that's been stuck in a dune for four decades.

Jeep stuck in sand dune for 40 years to be removed

TRURO, Mass. (AP) – A Jeep that has been stuck inside a Massachusetts sand dune for 40 years is set to be removed.

The Cape Cod Times reports ( ) the Jeep Wagoneer is entombed in a garage in Truro that became overtaken by the dune decades ago.

Basil Musnuff’s mother owns the property. He says he began visiting in the 1970s and has never seen the Jeep driven.

Musnuff says the family has wanted to get the Jeep out of the collapsing garage for years but the town wouldn’t let them move the sand due to concerns about the dune system.

Town officials recently changed their approach to the shifting sands and asked the family to remove the vehicle.

The removal is scheduled for Friday, weather permitting.

Misspelled note on pickup apologizes for ‘anger isusesh’

CARBONDALE, Colo. (AP) — Police in western Colorado say a man battered somebody else’s pickup with a baseball bat and then left a note acknowledging he had anger issues.

Police say the note read, “Sorryy anger isusesh.”

The Glenwood Springs Post Independent reports ( ) the attack occurred in January near Carbondale.

The pickup’s owner found the damage and the note when he returned from snowmobiling. Two witnesses told police another snowmobiler apparently thought the pickup had parked too close to his vehicle.

The witnesses say they heard whacking sounds, and one saw the other snowmobiler swinging a bat. They told police they insisted he leave a note. They say he was then able to leave his parking spot with no problem.

Police say they arrested a 53-year-old man on a criminal mischief charge.

Single mom dresses the part at ‘Dads and Donuts’

ST. GEORGE, Utah (AP) – A single mom is generating attention online after she donned a mustache, dressed up like a dad for a school breakfast event and posed for photos with her son.

KSL-TV reports ( Whitney Kittrell wore the costume after deciding to fulfill her son’s request that she accompany him to a “Dads and Donuts” event.

Kitrell is divorced with full custody of her children and says some days have been better than others for the family.

She said her son was all happiness as he introduced her to his classmates as both parents.

Kittrell said Lucas told her he wanted her to go since she’s his dad too.

The St. George mom posted the photos online and received a surprisingly strong response.