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11:09 PM Sat, Feb. 23rd

Letter: Patriotism is to the country, not a person

Those calling for anyone to show their patriotism to support any person, president, governor, legislators, mayors: These are not our country, but elected officials who serve at the citizens of this countries pleasure.

I did not see much patriotism to President Barack Obama.

I saw much hatred, racism, and claims he was not even a legitimate citizen, but some crazy 50-plus year plot to install a secret Muslim tutored by a black Christian racist preacher into the White House for what mysterious purpose they could never really say!

No. I owe Trump nothing.

He serves the citizens, those who voted for him can worship him like a King, some Messiah or Great White Hope but not me.

I see a corrupt, evil person.

He is not this country hence I owe him nothing but contempt.

I will just have to wait until next election as I did with any other president I disliked!

R. Hill