Column: Always waiting to work out

I know this has not and does not happen to anyone else, but if you can relate to what I’m talking about, hit me up. As I write this column, James Brown’s “Get Up” is blowing in my ear buds.

Every time I see that commercial on TV with the couple getting up at some ungodly hour and working out, I want to throw my shoe at the TV, except I haven’t the strength to pick it up.

The other day I went to do an article on gyms in Kingman. I felt like this was a calling, but I can’t take it seriously unless a Coca-Cola is attached. Yet, I know this year will be like every year that I make a resolution to work out four times a week and try to read the Bible every day. Those resolutions last maybe a week and then life happens, or I get lazy.

I wondered how I got to this point in my life: former athlete, marine, and work out warrior. I have a Luther Vandross wardrobe in my closet with waist sizes ranging from 36-50 and my shirts go from L-3x, depending on how much I eat or how much soda I drink.

I intend to work out. See I’m a Monday type of guy. Everything starts on Monday, so if it is Tuesday, I will wait until the following Monday to start working out. I usually try to keep my word. I will start on Monday, and maybe go for a week and then I get tired or just peter out. Why, I have no idea.

I know that my weight is getting out of hand when, in my vanity, my off days clothing wear is sweat pants and oversized T-shirts, or a hoodie. Things have gotten so bad that I almost called the police thinking there was an intruder in my house. I had just gotten out of the shower and walked in front of the mirror and there was a stranger looking back at me. I didn’t recognize that person. I reached for my cell and then I looked back in the mirror and saw my face. I wanted to cry. Talk about depression setting in, but I had to come to work and it didn’t stop me from hitting a fast food restaurant and ordering my coke.

The breaking point for me is this holiday season was that I avoided a family get together. Not because we don’t love each other, but because during the love hugs we’ll be grabbing each other’s waist, and talking each other up. We’ll ask each other if we need to call 911, or if we are out of breath just walking from the kitchen to the living room. Jokes are one thing, but with my family it never stops.

I know that only happens in my family, but the emotional scars from those encounters hurt more than a tsunami. It is easier for my psyche and ego to just avoid them until I can get in shape. Easier said than done.

I have no impending family events coming up this year. But I would like to get in shape for myself and feel better. I just have trouble making or taking the time. I used to go to these press junkets that sports writers cover and there would be all this free food, and I would look at a grizzled veteran sports writer – all fat and slovenly and say to myself that will never be me. But the shower incident showed I had become that guy.

So instead of waiting to work out and continue to put the weight on: My resolution this year is to just do it. Not to just make any resolution to work out, eat better or read more but to do it.

I know that just becoming friends with someone is easier than dealing with family, because most people with etiquette won’t say what they’re thinking. My family will just say what they feel and hide behind “I just told the truth.”

My resolution this year is not to make any resolutions. But, Kingman family, when you see me at a game would you be so kind to ask me, “Are you working out and taking care of yourself?” That might prod me to the gym, or to at least start walking.

Happy Holidays, Kingman family.