Letter: Answer where we are from must be realistic

In response to Ted Holcomb’s letter on evolution, I agree with him, but only to a degree.

Through research and bone discoveries, scientists have found enough human like skeletal remains to make the Adam and Eve story without merit. So we can dismiss the religious idea of the beginning of man.

But where does that leave us? How did we get to this point of modern man?

Here is what we know for sure. The bones of what anthropologists have named Peking Man are, through carbon testing, 700,000 years old. There have been more discoveries over the years; Java Man at 500,000 years old, Neanderthal Man at 300,000 years old, each of these beings evolving towards modern man.

There is no denying the existence of these prehistoric bones for they are in museums around the world. If we insist on the Adam and Eve story, do we just discard the bones? Do we take them out of the museums and throw them away?

Those bones are proven not to be of apes or modern man. The only conclusion is that they much be something in between.

If we are ever to find out where we came from, we must become more realistic.

T. Allen

Golden Valley


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OlderNWiser 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Evolution is a theory. Only a theory. To be fact it must be repeatable. That's something called the scientific method. Jr High stuff. There is no conclusion to draw. There is no irrefutable evidence that meets the scientific requirements for a law at science. What you have is simply a wish to justify your own existance. Look deeper my friend, there is an answer.


Gunguy45 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Oh puuuuullleeze. I'll believe the older part, but rarely have I seen anyone get wiser. They get more fearful of their impending doom and pray more as if that will help somehow. Rational people mostly accept it as a part of the life process.


Smith 2 weeks, 3 days ago

Fossils and science prove many things but we went too the moon but you still have those folks who believe it was a hoax, you will never make some people believe certain things, they just are incapable of thinking past their own prejudices, like a automobile stuck to the axle in mud, its not going any where!! Let the folks who disbelieve evolution believe what ever makes them happy, gets them through their day, let those who believe the earth is only 6,000 years old and created in 7 days believe what they wish, let those who scoff at Gods existence do so at their own peril for their soul is all that is at risk, some things mankind is not meant to know at least yet, I do not puzzle on existence of God, those of us with real faith do not get angry when a non-believer tries to prove God does not exist with biblical inconsistencies, the bible was not written by God, not even by his son Jesus, but by mere mortal men who are not perfect, hence one can wonder about many things fossils, God both exist!!


KingmanCares 2 weeks, 3 days ago

Actually many religious leaders believe both theories/stories are correct. Believing in Adam and Eve and believing in evolution isn't an either/or scenario. Both are equally possible. Perhaps humans evolved to a certain point in the evolutionary ladder then divine intervention took place to put us on the path we are on today.

Or it could have been space aliens or something....