Letter: Trump’s election has me fond of the GOP again

OK, I am the guy from Golden Valley with the one-track mind that has pleaded for the election of Donald Trump on and on since 2012. I have begged the consideration of friends, neighbors and anyone would listen to my reasoning. My lifelong Republican Party had effectively elected Bill Clinton and Obama (twice) by offering weak McCain and weaker Romney and almost a pick-em between Cruz and Rubio (a fiasco guaranteed). So I was ready to look for a deserted island to while away my old age in peace. I had not missed an election from my first voting in 1960 to present.

When Mr. Trump stepped up, I got on the bandwagon in a hurry. A non-politician with business credentials and a success story that promised he could not be controlled by the backroom boys I was, and still am, sold! He knew the nuances of the Electoral College and proved his mettle by using it better than anyone else ever did. He was able to overcome all obstacles and lies from those who tried to stop him. It is time to step back and watch him perform. People like McCain who is now jumping in bed with Democrats (again) and idiotic national columnists like Will Durst, a weakling as a humorist and much worse as a left-wing sore loser, are fools who are trying to trip the man we have elected to lead us out of the mess we are in, Look out ISIS, China, Iran, etc., the boss is coming!

Now let’s get closer to home with Lori “the sky is falling” Gabriel Dane. She fears Mr. Trump will anger China and Iran by recognizing Taiwan and dismantling Iran’s nuclear plans. China and Iran are threats to the world! Our wussy outgoing “leader” is afraid of both, allowing them to run roughshod over our friends. Once weakening them, they can come at us for the kill. It’s the plan!

It’s time to put that ugly negativity on the shelf and watch our country become “great again.” Continued harping and predicting doom will do no good. People who deny his success in life and are so sure he cannot right our sinking ship of the state should consider that deserted island that I spoke of. No whining and belly-aching will deter him from the job. He is a credentialed winner. His promise is to make us truly great again. I’m smiling and is feels good – try it sometime!

Lori Gabriel-Dane, don’t be such a sourpuss. Hate can give you ulcers. If you can’t find good in our leader and must predict doom and treachery, maybe Canada or Mexico (Greenland?) would suit you better. Jerry Brown in California could use you. When the mass exodus of Republicans left it to Brown and Pelosi who seem to be burning it, flooding it, then when it went dry, made more people remove their lawns of grass and flowers to preserve what water was left. And pay nearly a dollar a gallon more for gas to drive on crumbling highways in awful traffic jams that help foul the smog controls on their cars.

Your penchant for hate and negativity, doom and disaster, could qualify you as a Jerry Brown Californian! Or… take that deserted island I will not be needing and “vent your spleen” writing complaints in the sand. Or give Mr. Trump a chance to make you like or even love this country. I’d welcome you back, I promise. I don’t hate. Not even Hillary. Maybe goathead stickers. Remember, almost three quarters of Mohave County voters cast ballots for Mr. Trump in our November election, so California fits you much better.

Or, that deserted island would give you a plurality of one and 100 percent of the vote.

Garry “GV” Saylor

Golden Valley Resident


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Wildrose 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Brilliant Mr. Saylor - double dittos to you. And a question for liberals. Why oh why would Putin want to help Trump get elected as I have now heard for the millionth time?

Trump is Putin's fear. Trump wants to make America great again, build our Obama depleted military back up to full strength, mine for oil/gas and make us great that way, bring jobs back to America so we are strong in that way also. And so much more.

Putin needed someone in who was weak like Obama. That would have been Hillary, an Obama clone. Obama, of course, has already thrown Hillary under the bus. He is, basically, coming undone. By the end of Trump's first year, there will be NO Obama legacy....just a little pile of dust where he wasted 8 years of his presidency with his petulent, hate America, little boy ways.

God bless America, God bless Garry Saylor and I can hardly wait....for the first time in eight years, I AM EXCITED ABOUT MY COUNTRY. The left, in their pure hatred will keep on trying to destroy us but I think Trump will be too much for them.


Smith 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Trump is a puppet for a Russian Communist former KGB spymaster, and the truth is starting to come out time will judge this part of American history and I venture many will not like what's coming, Trump will make Nixon look like a petty pick pocket in comparison and a new name for traitor will come to light to replace the old one of Benedict Arnold it will be Donald Trump and his treason for pay to Putin!!!


KingmanCares 2 weeks ago

Uh huh and where is your proof of this allegation? More fake news from the fake main stream media? Meanwhile in the land of reality we can plainly see this is just another sad attempt to lessen President Trump's legitimacy.



Smith 1 week, 6 days ago

When he shows them tax documents he promised and it shows no $900+ million loans from Russia then I will entertain your obsession until then he is a fraud, liar, and in my book sold his soul to the Russians! That "With Love from Russia" he keeps spewing is making not only me but many folks in high places wonder about his patriotism, Graham just today called out any senator/congressman who praised the Russian hack as a good deed as a traitor and no patriot I agree!


KingmanCares 1 week, 6 days ago

Careful Smith; it's sounding like your head is going to explode soon. At least be outside when it happens. Easier to clean up that way.


Smith 1 week, 5 days ago

No its sounds like someone's feeling guilty of voting for a traitor, treasonous modern day Benedict Arnold or not guilty but afraid your true nature as a communist sympathizer is exposed to your neighbors, I am a old man, retired US Marine Vietnam era in my day anyone talking like Trump and his followers would be labeled communist sympathizers!!!