Monsoon conditions in Kingman possible over next few days

Lightning storm over Kingman during the August monsoon.


Lightning storm over Kingman during the August monsoon.

KINGMAN – Forecasters at the National Weather Service are thinking there may be a possibility of monsoon moisture in the next couple days, the first hint that the monsoon season may finally be on its way.

The latest models show dry lightning threat and excessive heat to go along with the monsoon. The forecast for today shows a slight chance of thunderstorms spread across much of northwest Arizona, southern Nevada and southeast California, mainly in higher terrains.

“It’s that time of year again,” said Reid Wolcott, NWS meteorologist in Las Vegas. “Monsoon season is just around the corner and early indications suggest that the door could begin to crack open for moisture as early as the middle of the week,” he said.

Wednesday was hot and dry, following the pattern that has brought record temperatures and excessive heat warnings to the area for the last couple of weeks. The high was around 105, and temperatures are expected to hover around 105 to 107 through Saturday.

Wolcott said there’s potential for temperatures to rise to excessive heat levels across the Mojave Desert on Saturday. Storms initially look pretty dry and a Red Flag warning has been issued for dry lightning and gusty outflow winds.

“Stay tuned. The forecast can change rapidly during monsoon season,” he said.

Confidence in the forecast remains low, the meteorologist noted.

Models have backed off somewhat on the degree of moisture expected throughout the weekend. If moisture does not increase and high pressure moves back over the area, as some models suggest, we could see a return to excessive heat with thunderstorm activity suppressed, Wolcott said.