Letter: City needs help investigating Kingman Airport

I have family members living in the Kingman area. They sent me a very enlightening video of an individual by the name of Vearl Haynes completely going out of control when someone asked for a forensic audit.

After witnessing Mr. Haynes’ behavior, you definitely need a forensic audit, ASAP.

Sounds like someone got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Treasurer or not, there (appears to be)something really wrong going on here. Want everyone’s names, Vearl? How about all the concerned people who signed the petitions?

The same thing happened in Hayward, California in about 1993. Same type of airport, one-time military base built during WWII, established civilian use now with a little article called a “Grant Assurance Deed,” with an attached industrial park to support the still government asset, just like that operated by the Kingman Airport Authority.

Hayward was a cash cow to corrupt, greedy politicians. All the business enterprises, airplane tie town and rental hangers saw massive and frequent financial increases. Property owners on the airport had unwanted changes to their lease hold sights.

It turns out that the Hayward Fire Department moved onto the airport so they could collect $150,000 annually. In reality, the fire department is supposed to pay the airport, not the other way around. Odd. There was never a fire on or one even close to the airport.

Money was siphoned out of the huge Forbes industrial park as well, as it is situated on airport land like Kingman, and that went to the city’s general fund, not the airport.

A forensic audit was started, completed, and the FBI was called in and found everything. Airport personnel had misplaced, hidden and stolen financial records, even rented commercial storage facilities thinking that they would not be found.

One city official was running his own loan-shark business with loans to his buddies using airport money. He went to prison.

The airport manager was terminated without retirement or benefit packages after 25 years of employment.

First, certainly without fail, do a forensic audit. Look for hidden or misappropriated financial records. Accept no excuse about certain records. Go back 10 or 15 years, if you have to.

Most people in this situation will hide anything incriminating or questionable.

Second, involve the FBI. They can also advise you on the firms that specialize in grant assurance deed violations. I have been told that they will do their own audit as well, and as a law enforcement agency, it has the investigative power to go anywhere, subpoena, and gather information and records without restraint or interference from local authorities or airport personnel. Let our tax dollars work for us.

James Volanti Jr.

Las Vegas