Letter: Practice what you preach

The argument for all of the letters the Kingman Daily Miner prints about alleged climate change is that all scientists agree there is man-caused climate change.

Once upon a time, all scientists were convinced the earth was flat, until Christopher Columbus did not fall off the edge.

Did man cause the ice age of 100,000 years ago and the global climate change of the earth re-warming?


So how does these “The sky is falling” climate changers explain that? They can’t, and yet it happened.

Quite possibly, man does not influence the climate as much as the self-righteous lunatics want us to think. We are really not as important as they try to convince us all that we are, but if you want to practice what you preach, how about doing your part and sell your call so you can walk everywhere, right after you have stopped electric service to your home.

John Anastasoff