Letter: Following flag etiquette

Just read the article in today’s (Thursday’s) paper about Old Glory, and I have to agree 100 percent. We should only fly our nation’s flag when it is in good condition.

I'm a ‘Nam Vet and have flown Old Glory for more years then I can remember, and not just on National holidays. I always try to follow protocol on when to fly at half mast etc., but it seems to me many people that mean well in flying the flag do not honor it the same way.

Most people do not follow flag protocol, such as flying it at half mast during the morning hours on Memorial Day, and do not maintain it in good condition, such as flying Old Glory when it is worn, extremely faded or torn.

Again, I can't count the number of flags I have purchased over the years, but I can tell you it has been many in order to replace ones that are not representative of respect.

What I'm trying to say is: I truly appreciate anyone who flies the American Flag, but flying one is also a responsibility to present it with respect. Replace it when needed, or don't fly it at all.

Tom Ciardullo

Golden Valley