Hualapai Nation K-9 officer laid to rest

Officer Hammontree gives Amigo a much needed drink of water.

Courtesy Hualapai Nation Police Department

Officer Hammontree gives Amigo a much needed drink of water.

PEACH SPRINGS – The Hualapai Nation Police Department has announced the loss of their K-9 Officer Amigo.

According to a HNPD Chief Francis Bradley, Amigo succumbed to an unexpected medical emergency July 16 while at home with his partner and K-9 handler Officer Randy Hammontree and family, who have been hit especially hard by the death.

“The passing of Amigo has taken a great toll on the Hammontrees, especially Randy,” Bradley said. “I’ve known (Hammontree) for over 10 years now, and when he called me Sunday morning and told me of Amigo’s condition and the probable prognosis, I heard in Randy’s voice the emotional toll this was taking.”

Bradley said he and Hammontree talked about the treatment options and what would be best for Amigo, but the decision was ultimately left to Hammontree. The decision to end Amigo’s suffering was the choice made.

“We as a department, a family, and a team lost a partner that day,” Bradley said. “We are still discussing a memorial date and it was mentioned Aug. 3 would be the day for this to be held, however that still has to be finalized.”

Bradley said the HNPD will continue their K-9 program and have not yet sought out a new handler. Acting Sergeant Hammontree has informed the chief this is his last K-9 partner.

“(Hamontree) is a superb handler, and his decision I support and fully understand,” Bradley said.

One individual offered to donate a new K-9 for the department Wednesday and his offer was very much appreciated, Bradley said.

HNPD has 16 officers and staff with two K-9 units patrolling 1 million square acres of the Hualapai Nation in Mohave, Yavapai and Coconino counties.

“Amigo was a well-trained very energetic partner who made sure we all knew he was in the building and or in the unit while we were in the field,” Bradley said. “His loving personality which he always showed to us and the kids was the mainstay of his character.”