Driver license manual now available online

PHOENIX – The updated version of Arizona’s driver license manual includes advice for law enforcement stops and is now available online from the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety, along with local law enforcement agencies, crafted the language in the manual that outlines best practices for motorists who are pulled over.

Drivers should comply with a law enforcement officer’s orders, and failure to do can result in an arrest, or in extreme cases, officer shootings.

The full details can be found in Section 7, pages 56-57 of the manual at Among major points in the section:

• When observing a law enforcement vehicle with its lights on, drivers should yield to the right side of the road and stop in a safe location off the main roadway as soon as practical.

• Put the car in park and remain in the vehicle. All occupants should keep their seatbelts fastened. The driver should keep his or her hands on the steering wheel, wait for the officer to make contact, consider lowering the windows to help the officer see and hear inside the vehicle. Turn on the interior light if it’s nighttime.

• Inform the officer of any weapons in the vehicle.

• Drivers should not reach around inside the vehicle unless informing the officer and receiving permission, nor should drivers get out of the vehicle unexpectedly or approach the officer.